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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the company’s most affordable tablet right now. At only RM699, it does offer quite a lot too. We did our initial review of the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite a little less than a month ago – and I’m using the tablet every day despite having many smartphones with me at all times.

The experience offered on a large tablet screen is just fundamentally different from a smartphone – and that is why I’m sharing my experience using this tablet with you today.

ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip

For entertainment

I think this is the most obvious of all. I find myself watching YouTube videos on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite more often than I do on my phone. Despite having a lower resolution ofย only 1340×800 on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, that bigger screen size is definitely a big plus for me.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

And the stereo speaker setup is also another plus as watching videos on YouTube, watching movies on Netflix, and even listening to music on Spotify becomes much more immersive just sounds better.

For online events/conferences/classes

Since we’re all working from home nowadays, I find myself being able to “multitask”. Well, I have to admit that I do love attending online events more than physical events since I can do other things while the presenter is talking about something else.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

It’s definitely not rude since we already do that in front of the presenter when physical events were still a thing. Now, I can just continue working on my dual-screen laptop and I use the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite to tune in to the event. Productivity at its finest.

For reading books

I am someone who likes to read books on a bigger screen. I do own an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 too, but there are limitations. While the Kindle has an E Ink display which is more paper-like and more comfortable compared to backlit IPS LCD screens while reading, the operating system is pretty barebones.

The Kindle cannot view or scale PDF files and I just think that certain books (like graphical novels) would have been great to be viewed on a larger but portable screen.

My Sejahtera app

THat’s why I use the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for those purposes. I can download PDFs and documents to read on the tablet – and I even prefer reading emails on the tablet. It’s a much better experience compared to my phone.

For smart home control

Particularly for my use case, I have “smartened up” my room. While I do use my smart speaker to control the lights via Google Assistant, I do need to use the app on my smartphone to the lights’ color and brightness accurately and quickly. But those buttons are extremely tiny on a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

So, I ended using the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. My home screen is filled with all the widgets to control both the speaker and the lights. Perhaps when my room gets even “smarter”, then I’ll add even more widgets.

For Samsung Flow

One criminally underrated feature in Samsung’s suite of software is Samsung Flow. It’s a free utility that lets you control your tablet via your PC, or show whatever that’s showing on the tablet in your PC. Essentially, screen mirroring.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
Everything is wireless.

I think this feature is just so much more useful as teachers can use Samsung Flow as a tool to teach students. Coupled with apps like Samsung Notes where we can scribble things, it becomes a digital whiteboard.

All this at a low price

Yeah, I still can’t believe that this tablet is only at RM699. You can add a few more accessories like a passive capacitive stylus, a standing case, and it’ll be a highly versatile tablet.

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