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Remember during the early days of Android where developers hated Android so much due to the fragmentation issues caused by the wide array of hardware? We still have them today, but it’s much less – at least based on what I can see.

What will Apkudo do to help then? They test. Test your apps on all sorts of devices to make sure everything runs fine. What’s better is that – Apkudo even tests firmware updates for you.

From their website, they just have this short summary to explain what they are doing :

tl;dr: Android is great. Fragmentation sucks. It causes experience problems. Such as Launch Anxiety. But it doesn’t have to. We’re working on that. Our first product, the Apkudo test platform, lets developers see their apps run on every Android device. Launching November 6 early November (2011). Free.

Yes, free. They’re going to test it all the things for you and as said, to kill the Launch Anxiety – the fear you have when your app is launched to the market and wonder if the will work for all customers or not. A few of their major customers are Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony and Samsung.

I wonder though – will they test root-required apps?

Source : Apkudo (Blog)
Via : Android Authority

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