Over the years, Activision has been quite a big player in the game developer industry as they have quite a lot of big titles under their name. One of them is Bungie – the brains behind the Halo series and also Destiny.

Destiny was a game that was developed by Bungie when they had an agreement with Activision. Now, Bungie and Activision are splitting up. And Bungie is getting to keep Destiny as their own IP.

Now, the latter is an important point as Bungie was with Microsoft during the development of Halo, and Microsoft kept the all the intellectual properties of the Halo franchise when the split happened. Since Bungie gets to keep Destiny, that means that they can actually develop more content or perhaps Destiny 3 after this split.

Activision Bungie Split

The question now remains – how are players going to migrate their accounts off of Blizzard’s Battle.net to – presumably – Bungie’s own client? I recently just redeemed Destiny 2 for free on Battle.net and I would like to know how the migration will happen.

Honestly and personally speaking, I don’t like what Destiny turned out to be. At first when Destiny launched, they said that there are going to be a 10-year plan for that game alone – something along the lines of World of Warcraft. That is great – but that didn’t happen.

Then Destiny launched and there were many complaints about the story getting ripped into shreds and sold off as DLC to make more profits while prolonging the lifespan of that game. Yet not long after that, Destiny 2 came about and suffered the same fate.

Perhaps having Bungie to self-publish Destiny would be a better idea – but might be too late as another big game – Anthem – is coming too. Anthem has more or less the same formula as Destiny too – but with their own twist to it. However, since Anthem is developed by both EA and Bioware, I am very skeptical about that game as well.

Bungie has published an official statement which you can click here to read.

My next question to Activision is – what is going to happen to Blizzard and Overwatch?

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