Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch runs Android; runs Overwatch via NVIDIA GameStream

In a series of events, it puts the Nintendo Switch in an interesting position right now. Over the past week or so, there were many interesting developments in regards to the Nintendo Switch and its hackability. It is as though the stars aligned and now, there are a number of ridiculous things that you can do with the Switch.

BREAKING: Huawei & Honor are fine as Trump does a big U-turn about China

Wow, this is breaking news indeed. President Trump just announced that Huawei in specific will continue to be able to trade with the US. This essentially means that the initial ban announcement from about a month ago is rendered invalid.
Shopline Malaysia

Shopline brings easy store setup & management to Malaysians

For those who have always wanted to open your own digital storefront but without the hassle of looking at web design codes, then today's news - Shopline - is for you. For Malaysians, Shopline is the latest addition to the likes of WooCommerce and Shopify. However, Shopline does already have a few major brands under its belt.
HONOR View20

Huawei & Honor smartphones are getting EMUI 9.1/Magic UI 2.1 update

Marking and strengthening the confidence that Huawei and Honor are instilling in their customers, we now see a brand new update for its firmware, bumping it to version 9.1. Previously, EMUI and Magic UI were both at version 9.0.1. After Trump's banhammer, customers were frantic and it's good to see that EMUI 9.1 and Magic UI 2.1 update just popped out without expectations or teasers from the company.

Huawei & Honor promises Android Q for existing devices

While we all know that Google has proclaimed that Huawei and Honor smartphones released thus far will receive support despite Trump's banhammer, future major software updates are still up in the air. Both companies have come out and said the same thing - current users of their smartphones will receive Android Q update.
KontrolFreek Performance Grips XT Performance Grips XP

KontrolFreek brings Performance Grips XT (Extra Thin) & XP (Extra Padding)

Looking to enhance your gaming controllers with more grip? Sweat a lot while gaming? I know I do. KontrolFreek does have something new to help us out with the new Performance Grips XT and the Performance Grips XP. They're compatible with the Xbox One controllers and Sony PS4's DualShock 4 controllers, as well as universal strips that can be applied to any peripherals you have.
ASUS Be Unstoppable 2019

ASUS ROG Malaysia brings Mothership; Glacier Blue laptops; new Huracan G21, Strix GL12, Strix...

For something well-integrated with a custom look and custom case that you can't get anywhere else, pre-built desktops are the way to go. Obviously, ASUS ROG has a lot of fancy designs like what we've seen in the past - but today, they're getting new hardware with the fancy designs.
SEGA Genesis Mini announcement

SEGA Genesis Mini comes to Malaysia at RM359 on 19th September

For E3 2019, I was a spectator for that's new - because I am a gamer myself and I am also excited to see what's new. As games kept re-releasing as ports, remasters, and even remakes, there are also companies that are re-releasing consoles that we've grown up with. The upcoming retro console rerelease is the SEGA Genesis Mini, which Epicsoft Asia Pte. Ltd. will be bringing in and selling it at the same time as the rest of the world, on 19th of September 2019.
Dell Latitude & Precision launch 2019

Dell Malaysia brings new Latitude & Precision laptops

We all now work with computers nowadays. Desktops, laptops, and even smartphones are available on our hands wherever we go. With more and more SMBs and enterprises on the rise, privacy is very important - and that is where Dell is focusing on with the new Latitude laptops. As for the Precision laptops, they are now even lighter than before.