We now live in a world that every single smart device now needs the internet to function at its full potential. To bring the internet to the masses at a low price is a challenge, and the latest Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™ is giving us all the chance to sit back, and enjoy this marvellous privilege.

For just RM10 a week, you can sign up for the Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™ to get your free unlimited internet every day. That’s right – you get free unlimited data every single day throughout the week – and there are no restrictions!

Let’s not forget that you’re also using Celcom’s supreme nationwide coverage too!

Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™

You have a choice between subscribing the Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™ for either one week or a month too. Celcom has prepared something for everyone.

For the lowest price of RM10/week, you get 2GB of data, and of course the free unlimited data for one hour every single day. You also get FREE YouTube from 1am to 7am, and also iflix VIP Access. Zero deduction in your data quota, just sit back and chill.

Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™

The Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™ comes with a beefier package as well. For RM79 per month, you can get the same free unlimited internet every day, and you get 15GB of data to use. Don’t worry if you can’t use those 15GB completely – because Celcom Xpax generously lets you carry forward unused base data with Data Rollover. Now that’s a plus!

Moreover, subscribing to the highest package can also get FREE extra 15GB of Video Walla! The Video Walla is compatible with many video platforms – like iflix, Netflix, and also Astro Go.

For me personally as a Celcom user myself, the coverage offered by Celcom is just unrivaled. As Opensignal has shown in their latest findings, Celcom dominates in both the 4G availability and also having the least latency. That means we Celcom users can quickly whip our phones out and do whatever we want, wherever we want.

Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™

With all that talking, you can click here to know all the details regarding the Celcom Xpax Ultra Pass™. As usual, terms and conditions do apply – so check that out too.

To start, subscribe to Ultra Hour Pass from RM10 via Celcom Life App or dial *118#.

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