Looks like mobile gaming has gained full speed towards penetrating the gaming market. Back then as I remember, mobile gaming is where you play casual games such as Cut The Rope, Insaniquarium and the likes. However, in the past few years, more and more people are taking the mobile gaming platform more seriously including the hardware makers and game studios. We could clearly see the dominance at Comic Fiesta with game studios coming down such as Azure Lane.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

“GameReady.gg PUBG Mobile Open” was a tournament held in Comic Fiesta last December where a gathering of amateur PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile players compete with each other in order to win from a prize pool of RM 10,000.

A total of 280 players participated during the Online Open Qualifier and the top 40 squads were the one who made their way up to the final stage at Comic Fiesta 2018.

Team GANK.FTY managed to snatch the first place with 46 kills and 700 points and brought back RM 4,500 cash prize. Team Kill With Pan grabbed RM 2,500 in second place while Teams MPX and Xenomorph squad managed to secure the third and fourth place for RM 1,500 and RM 1,000.

Comic Fiesta 2018 was visited by 60,000 visitors this year at KLCC Convention Centre.

No Straight Roads is a currently locally developed indie video game made by Metronomiks gaming studio. The game features a rhythm-based action game where its uniqueness lies on the game syncing combat with rhythm.

The game studio’s founder, Wan Hazmer, who in over the few years had frequently became a guest at Comic Fiesta feature Final Fantasy XV. Wan Hazmer was the lead game designer at Square Enix for the game who we all are familiar with his presentation on how the game has roti canai as one of the dishes available in-game.