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In today’s mind-opening forum, we got to know more about what Dell has been up to in the industrial side of things. We were introduced to the world of data protection and its importance. We know this is important as there are multiple data leaks and compromises that happened over the course of this year alone. Even we as users tend to “give” our data to the companies without knowing, and it’s up to those companies to protect our data.

There are a few ways to defend data, but it was made clear to us that the process of data recovery was not focused on. So in a case of data loss, recovering those data can be either slow, or permanently lost. Dell EMC sets out to address the possibilities of getting attacked while providing a way to back up and restore data whenever it is needed.

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Dell EMC PowerProtect DD

Dell EMC’s new PowerProtect DD is made with a few keys in mind:

  • Faster performance – Up to 38% faster backups and up to 36% faster restores with 100GbE network speeds.
  • Greater efficiency – Storing up to 1.25PB (petabytes) in a single rack unit.
  • Scalability – Whenever you need more capacity, you can get more, ranging from 1TB to 1.25PB.
  • Data protection for multi-cloud workloads – Integration between different cloud service providers to ensure efficiency, scalability, and coherency.
  • Single dashboard for all – aggregation between multiple different systems to manage and monitor the status

The PowerProtect also in a few different configurations and tiers, so you can scale up according to what capacity or performance you need.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD

The most interesting thing here is the DDVE, which runs the entire Dell EMC’s PowerProtect DD on other non-Dell hardware. By doing so, you are able to scale up to 96TB and you can also use whatever hardware you want. However, since the hardware is not from Dell, the customers have to manage and maintain the hardware themselves.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD

The PowerProtect Software also supports Dell EMC Cloud Disaster Recovery now enables ease of recovery fail-over and failback of VMware workloads in the public cloud.

As for the availability, it is as follows:

  • September 30th 2019:
    • PowerProtect DD6900
    • PowerProtect DD9400
    • PowerProtect DD9900
  • Dell EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition and Dell EMC Data Domain
    • DD3300, now branded Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition and Dell EMC PowerProtect DD3300, are available now
  • Enhancements to Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and PowerProtect Software are available globally

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