Dell Malaysia just announced the arrival of two new laptops – the Precision 5550 and also the Latitude 9510. These two laptops are tailor-made as business laptops – but this year’s design is surprisingly amazing.

Dell is also putting an emphasis on Dell Optimizer, which is their version of an automated AI-based optimization technology that learns your usage behavior and makes sure the laptop is ready before you are. The Dell Optimizer is available across the Latitude, Precision, and OptiPlex devices.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Dell Precision 5550

Last year, I had a completely different perspective of the Precision series. I thought – if you need that performance, why not get a desktop? Then when the quarantine happened, there are a lot of people seeking high-performance laptops since we can’t go back to the office to use our desktops. The Dell Precision 5550 is one of those high-performance laptops – yet is very portable.

Dell Precision 15 5550
Yes, that’s a full-sized SD card reader.

The Dell Precision lineup of laptops are always known as the “mobile workstation” and the new Precision 5550 is no exception either. When it comes to specs, it has:

  • 10th Gen Intel Core processor
    • Up to Xeon and Core i9
  • Up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM at 2933MHz (ECC or non-ECC)
  • Up to NVIDIA Quadro T2000
  • 15.6-inch IPS LCD screen with 16:10 aspect ratio
    • 3840×2400 pixels
    • 60Hz
    • Touch-capable
    • 100% Adobe RGB
  • Support for double M.2 SSDs in RAID

And yet this list of hardware is packed in a laptop with the shape and size of the new XPS 15 9500, which got a lot of praise. The new Precision 5550 is definitely a highly portable yet supremely powerful laptop.

Dell Precision 15 5550

Dell also touts the option to include a 97Wh battery inside this laptop, which is also compatible with Dell’s new technology called ExpressCharge. More on that in the Dell Optimizer part.

The Malaysian version of the Dell Precision 5550 will be available at RM9,419.

Latitude 9510

Dell Precision 15 5550

Dell’s new Latitude 9510 features quite a lot of changes and upgrades. which can be seen in the specs:

  • Up to Intel Core i7 vPro
  • Up to 16GB LPDDR3 at 2133MHz (soldered)
  • 15.6-inch screen with 1920×1080 pixels
    • Available in either 2-in-1 or standard laptop form factor
  • Up to 1TB of M.2 2230 SSD

Dell Precision 15 5550

The big upgrade here is in the build quality and form factor itself. It seems like the new Dell Latitude 9510 is using the XPS 15 9575’s chassis (which we have reviewed here) and hence, it is a convertible laptop.

For Malaysia, the Latitude 9510 will be available at RM7,926.

Dell Optimizer

Since Dell gave so much emphasis on this new feature, we might as well go through a few key highlights about Dell Optimizer here.

Let us just summarize it real quick. Most of these features here are learning from your usage behavior and how you interact with the laptop, which the Dell Optimizer then adapts accordingly.

  • ExpressResponse – Uses built-in AI and Intel Adaptix Technology to learn your favorite/frequent apps. Serves you those content more responsively.
  • ExpressCharge – With a compatible battery, it can either use ExpressCharge Boost to gain 35% battery in 20 minutes or use ExpressCharge to get 80% battery in an hour.
  • ExpressSign-in – Uses proximity sensor to automatically wake up your device or automatically sleep when you’re away.
  • Intelligent Audio – Pretty much similar to RTX Voice but doesn’t need an NVIDIA GPU.

To learn more about the Dell Optimizer, click here.

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