ASUS VivoBook S14/S15

I think at this point of time, many of us are aware that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series has a cutout for the selfie camera. Both the Galaxy S10e and the Galaxy S10 has a circular hole, whereby the Galaxy S10+ has an oblong cutout. It quickly became a showcase of creativity when someone thought outside the box and incorporated that cutout as a part of their wallpaper.

By harnessing the power of creativity and memes, even Disney/Pixar is launching a whole new range of wallpapers for the Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 – featuring The Incredibles, Frozen, and my personal favorite – Zootopia!

These wallpapers are a testament of framing the wallpaper on how it should look, then creating an appealing yet unobtrusive wallpaper.

These wallpapers are only for the Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 which has a circular cutout. Quite a bummer for Galaxy S10+ as we still do not know if there will be specially designed wallpapers for that oblong cutout. It’s not that easy to incorporate the oblong cutout, honestly.

Want to download these wallpapers? Pick up your Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 and head on over to the Galaxy Store app. You can download it from there, and it is free of charge!

Samsung also stated that they are planning to expand these specially-designed wallpapers for the Infinity-O notch in the near future. Perhaps official Minions wallpaper?

Disney Pixar Samsung Infinity-O wallpaper

On Samsung’s official website where they announce this special collaboration, I saw the silhouette of what seems to be Mazinger, some emoji, and also the phases of a moon. I mean, it’s a smart move since the Dynamic AMOLED turnsĀ off the pixels that are displaying black colors – hence the magnificent contrast.

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