Let us be honest here. Facebook suffered a downtime yesterday and the whole world was on turmoil. It has not only became a household name, but a tool that we use multiple times daily. At SXSW, Facebook’s head of video products, Paresh Rajwat, just showed the world two new ways to connect everyone via music and video.

Firstly, people from more than 40 countries around the globe can share their personal videos with copyrighted music because Facebook has partnered with a few labels to make that possible. Yes, T-Series was one of the new partners. Remember to subscribe to PewDiePie, still!

Facebook SXSW 2019 Song on Profile Image

While on the subject of music, Facebook has also added a new feature to let everyone know your favorite song – and that is by adding it to your personal profile page through Spotify. By embedding your favorite track on Facebook through Spotify, others can listen to your favorite track in full too.

That’s not all – Facebook is adding a few new music-based features for video, like Live Lip Sync and Music on Facebook Stories. In a way, it’s like TikTok’s lip syncing videos but on Facebook instead.

Facebook Watch Party voting SXSW 2019

On another note, Facebook is also adding a new Watch Party feature particularly for live TV shows. The one example we were shown is by having votes and comments that happen in real-time. Imagine a game of basketball or English Premier League happening and you are on your phone. You can throw in some comments and cast your votes too.

From what I can see here,Facebook will be rolling out this new slew of features to all users in the coming weeks. Please be patient if you do not have these features yet. Honestly speaking, even I do not have them yet.

To learn more about these new features, click here to head over to Facebook Newsroom.

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