Things have been pretty quiet on social media platforms these few months, but now they’re back again into the spotlight with a brand new feature – the Facebook Did You Know feature. Here’s everything you need to know about this feature.

What better way to talk to people than to ask them a few questions? Of course, these questions are harmless and non-intrusive. These questions are meant to break the ice and start a conversation – and to see Facebook implementing these questions in such a fashion, it’s bound to get a few likes and comments. Of course, there are a few questions that are personal, and some that really make you think.

Here’s where things get interesting. The questions are presented to you with a single emoji first, then a short question. Then, the question is answered with a text-based status update. Here’s how it works.

  1. Get your smartphone
  2. Update to the latest version of Facebook
  3. Head on over to your user profile
  4. Look for the Did You Know section
Facebook Did You Know
It looks a little something like this on your user profile.

The Facebook Did You Know feature will present you with a bunch of questions that they’ve already prepared. All you need to do is answer them, or skip to the next one if you don’t want to answer the current question.

You can answer these Facebook Did You Know questions as either text-only status updates or with images. If you choose to answer them with status updates, then you get to combine them with the Facebook big texts, or Facebook background posts, too. That means you get to spice things by adding a bit of flair to your answers. Of course, you can even answer them with links also.

Treat the Facebook Did You Know feature as an extension to status updates.

Here are a few of the Facebook Did You Know questions that I answered on my personal Facebook profile. Some of these questions do offer insights into some people, and some definitely instill a strong sense of friendship and brotherhood with my pals. Again, great conversation starters.

If you want to try out this feature, visit this page again with your smartphone and tap on one of the status updates above and open it with the Facebook app. Then, look for the “see questions” button. Then, you’ll get to answer these questions and share your answers with your friends and family, too.

Though, the Facebook Did You Know feature is probably not available for every user yet – just like the Facebook big texts and Facebook background posts features that we highlighted a while back.

Did you enjoy using this feature? Or you do not have this feature available on your Facebook profile yet?

Let us know down in the comments down below! We love to know how fast Facebook rolls out their new features to all users, actually.

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