Little is known why these 3 services are down, but from what we can see – all services from Facebook are down for now.

This includes the Facebook itself, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all down. It seems like a big issue too since all of the services from Facebook-owned services are down.

As of now, it seems to be a monthly thing to have at least some of Facebook-owned services experience some down time.

We do not know when any of the services will be restores as of now. We will continue to update this page when we have more information regarding what is going on.

[UPDATE]: After an hour, all of the 4 services are back up. Still, we have no idea what happened. We are obviously glad that the services are back up – since modern day society literally relies on these services to survive.

From what we now know, the service seems to be down for only a few countries. With this logic at hand, it seems like some of Facebook’s CDN are still working despite the service outage.

We still experience some slowdown which we predict that Facebook was rerouted the connection path for affected countries to some other servers. That means we can still use the 4 Facebook-own services, but it will be slow and with high ping.

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