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Have you ever played a game that gives you a sense of disbelief? The experience of playing games on a foldable device just feels… different.

The Snapdragon 888 chipset used in the Galaxy Z Fold3 is going to perform just like any other phone in the market – though Samsung will thermal throttle earlier to ensure user’s comfort.

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Here’s a quick gaming test to highlight how gaming feels on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

But the graphical fidelity is not the main contributing factor for that surrealism. There are actually two parts to this.

Under display camera

As we mentioned in our original review of the Galaxy Z Fold3, this is the first smartphone in the company that is using such a technology. Samsung did more than just having a very basic cutout for the under-display selfie camera – instead, Samsung made a precision octagonal outline for that selfie camera.

Depending on what’s shown on the screen, the under-display camera appears differently – but never as jarring as having a literal blackhole on the screen.

In a way, the under-display camera looks like dithering effect?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
That under-display camera is easy to ignore.

Games can scale between (or within) displays!

The underlying software that runs the games is important – and the Galaxy Z Fold3 can scale and swap between the main big, unfolded display and instantly switch to the cover display immediately. So far, I found out that Genshin Impact and Pokemon Go are able to do this perfectly.

But one thing that I find weird is the ability to play two games side by side. I split the display in half and ran Mario Kart Tour on the left, and Pokemon Go on the right side.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

I was able to switch between the two games without issues and I think that just felt… surreal.

There’s also another new feature to force apps to work with Flex Mode, but many apps still do not scale properly as of now – perhaps in the future?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
It scales, but the Bluetooth controller doesn’t work (yet)

How would you use the Galaxy Z Fold3?

These are just a few different key highlights about the features of the Galaxy Z Fold3 related to gaming. There are many more features that we have talked about in our review here, and there are many more unexplored and undiscovered features.

Do let us know – how would you use the Galaxy Z Fold3? We’ll give it a try too.

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