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Huawei smartphone users worldwide is currently having a big problem as Google just suspended business operations with Huawei effective immediately. This move impacts all Huawei devices globally, but it is still unsure if HONOR devices are affected.

The White House was said to have added Huawei Technologies Co LTD to the U.S. Commerce Department’s Entity List, which effectively bans Huawei from doing any business operations in the U.S. and any further operations will require approval from the government.

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Citing a close source to the matter, Reuters broke out the news saying that Google was forced to suspend Huawei in any operations that “requires the transfer of hardware and software products.” This effectively means Huawei cannot use Android any longer.

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Reuters has explicitly stated that “Huawei Technologies Co Ltd will immediately lose access to updates to the Android operating system.” This sentence used “Huawei Technologies Co Ltd” as the entire company itself has been banned – though we still do not know if HONOR smartphones are affected. Presumably yes, since Huawei Technologies is still the parent company.

Reuters also noted that next version of Huawei smartphones outside of China will not have access to Google’s apps and services like Google Play Store and Gmail. Effectively, all Huawei phones will essentially be as if they are from China – zero apps from Google.

Previously, Huawei has noted that they already have a backup if such a thing happens. While Huawei only says that they have backup plans, the lack of Android operating system on their own smartphones. We are still unsure what other software or operating system that the company will be using for their smartphones.

All of Huawei smartphones – no matter old or new, will no longer receive and Android security updates effectively immediately. That means the the Mate 20 series (review)‘s and also the recently-released Huawei P30 (review)‘s Android operating system no longer has any software support from Huawei/Google.

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Currently we still do not know what will happen to HONOR, Huawei’s sub-brand of smartphones, as they will be launching the new HONOR 20 series of smartphones at London on 21st May, just another day to go.

Of course, all of these are only based on the “person close to the matter” that Reuters has spoken to. If everything said is indeed true and already happened, then it is a massive problem for Huawei smartphone users around the globe. Even though Huawei might have an alternative to Android, users will still have to adapt the new method of obtaining apps.

How will Huawei respond to this? We will keep our eye out on this story and continuously update this page when we have more information.

UPDATE: The US Department of Commerce has given some leeway to Huawei

The news that broke out today is that the US Department of Commerce has given Huawei a temporary license so that they can still legal have their products work together with Google for now. This temporary license is in effect for 90 days and ends on 19th August 2019.

However, the full ban on any business relations with Huawei is still happening 90 days later. This extra time is obviously great for customers and also the company itself so that there isn’t such a big panic attack, and Huawei can still provide security fixes in the mean time. However, the company still cannot release any new hardware that is sold or licensed by any companies from the US.

With this time period, Huawei can lay out some ground work to migrate to their own OS called HongMeng, but we have literally zero idea on what it is other than the name.

In the mean time, Huawei has given a pretty generic answer, telling everyone to chill and calm.

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