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While we all know that HongmengOS will be announced sometime this year, it is finally unveiled after months of hollow announcements. Well, not quite. What we have here are just words – zero screenshots or mockups. However, Huawei is making bold claims on what the HongmengOS a.k.a. HarmanyOS can do. The stylization of the name is just annoying, honestly.

First of all, it will be known as HongmengOS only in China and as HarmonyOS everywhere else in the world. With this new OS, Huawei is aiming for it to be a “singular” OS for all smart devices in the world – ranging from laptops to smartphones to even IoT devices. Honestly, this makes sense since 5G is made with IoT in mind too.

It is quoted that HarmonyOS will first be used on “smart screen products” like televisions, later this year. It will then expand to other categories of devices like wearables and car head units over the next 3 years’ time.

It is also quoted that the HarmanyOS will be initially launched in China first and expanding to other countries later.

HarmonyOS HongmengOS

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, has said that they can “immediately” switch over to HarmonyOS at any point of time, and it will be “very convenient”. Yu also said that “many” device makers have “strong interest” in this HarmonyOS but declined to name any of them.

Honestly, even I want a simple OS that works across multiple different devices seamlessly. The closest ecosystems as of now are Google and Apple. For Huawei to come up and promise visions beyond what these two tech giants have achieved over the years is truly bold.

Currently, the HongmengOS / HarmonyOS is still without any real product demonstration. The company has stated that the upcoming HONOR TV will be using HongmengOS / HarmonyOS, which is said to be launching later this year.

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