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The HONOR 20 was launched a day before the big announcement, and HONOR had been delaying the HONOR 20 until today. And now, the HONOR 20 is finally available for sale in Malaysia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK. And it broke sales record in China already!

Here’s the gist of it – the HONOR 20 sales surpassed 1 million units in just 14 days. Then, the HONOR 20 Pro also surpassed RMB 100 million in sales volume within 3 seconds of launch. Just 3 seconds.

HONOR 20 sales record

On an additional note, HONOR smartphone brand in itself has held the number 1 performing brand for the 5th consecutive year in the annual 618 Sales Day on, one of China’s biggest e-commerce platform. For this year, HONOR topped in terms of sales volume and revenue for Android smartphone category. The HONOR 20 also topped the category for Android smartphones around RMB 2,000 – 2,999 price point.

HONOR 20 sales record

Honestly, I have no idea if this is an effect caused by the Huawei/HONOR ban announcement. That world-shaking news might have shed light on both HONOR and Huawei brands in general. Perhaps that also caused an uproar within consumers globally and hence, purchasing the HONOR 20 to show support to the brand.

These are some crazy amount of sales numbers for the HONOR 20 series, and we Malaysians have a fantastic bundle to go along as part of the HONOR Malaysia 5th Anniversary campaign.

Yap Loo Swan, is the first owner of the HONOR 20 in Malaysia. She said that this is her first ever HONOR smartphone and has been eyeing it before its arrival.


The HONOR 20 is available to purchase at all HONOR Experience Stores,, and HONOR’s official store on Shopee at the price of RM1,699. Wherever you purchase, you can also get gifts that are worth up to RM500.


Sales Partners and Links

RRP Free Gifts
HONOR Experience Stores RM1,699
  • HONOR SoundStone Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • HONOR Band 4
  • HONOR Bagpack
  • HONOR Bagpack
  • HONOR FlyPods Lite
  • HONOR Bagpack
  • HONOR FlyPods Lite

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