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We took a look at the ASUS LolliFlash a little while back in Jakarta, and we reviewed it a couple of weeks ago. Now, LolliFlash is upon us and what better time it is to have a how-to guide?

Selfie flash or rear-camera flash?

With the nature of design, this LolliFlash can work both ways – or neither if you prefer. There is an audio jack-like piece of plastic can lets you dock on the phone or tablet (even laptop, if that’s what you want) and you’re good to go!

Selfie flash.
Selfie flash.

Else if you prefer to be a rear-facing flash, just spin it around!

Another rear-camera flash
Another rear-camera flash

Else if you couldn’t find a good flash angle while docked on your tablet or phone, just take it out and hold it with your hand. That works too!

There are 3 filters… what are they for?

Total of 3 filters - blue, white, and red.
Total of 3 filters – blue, white, and red.

Excellent question! And here is where the photo samples come by. It’s an interesting little device, and ASUS wants to do more with this than just being a basic external torch.

Here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. There are too much to tell in words, and pictures do tell a thousand of them.

Setting up the reference image

How To and Photo Sample: ASUS LolliFlash 1
In ambient light condition.

First things first – setting up a benchmark. This lovely model here will be our subject of the day! Also pay close attention to the wall colour.

Taking photos without filters

With 3 filters, there comes 4 different modes – one mode per filter and the last mode where there are no filters. It still works, and quite too actually. These filters are meant to be light diffusers, but adding colour to these diffusers will give an entirely different look and feel to the final image, as you’ll see below.

One disclaimer though, all of the below pictures are taken using an ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML on full auto mode, with the LolliFlash docked on the audio jack. Each picture here is focused on our lovely model’s face.

Then onward to press the button on the ASUS LolliFlash!!

Brightness level 1.
Brightness level 1.

Press it again!

Brightness level 2.
Brightness level 2.

And again (last time, I promise)!

Brightness level 3
Brightness level 3

Through the 3 different images, you can roughly know how bright the flash really goes, as the shadow cast by our lovely model starts to get deeper and darker, and apparently bringing very slight hint of red around the entire image when brightness goes up.

Swapping in the filters

Let’s stick with brightness level 3 to bring out the most significant difference in its colour. Now, let’s get some coloured rubber around the LolliFlash!

Brightness level 3 with blue filter
Brightness level 3 with blue filter

Under blue filter, the LolliFlash goes through some colour balancing and produces a slightly blue¬†light around the subject. It does give a little bit of Eiffel 65 feel to the picture too – I’m blue babudibabuda, anyone?

Brightness level 3 on white filter.
Brightness level 3 on white filter.

On white filter, the redness is enhanced a little, as the image glows with even more red than without a filter. The shadows however is blurred, and this tells that the the light is diffused.

Brightness level 3 with red filter.
Brightness level 3 with red filter.

Then comes the last and final filter – the red colour. The LolliFlash itself already produces some redness in the image itself, and this filter just enhances even more, making it reddish-pink all over.

I’m pretty sure many of you can create some creative images using this red filter on the LolliFlash. Screw that, I think you guys can create images with or without any of the filters!

Wrap up

Is it useful? Definitely, especially in dark locations. It’s not only an external flash for selfies, but also a short-duration torchlight to maneuver around the darkness, let’s say when your power goes out. Things like these happen, and your smartphone might not be ever-ready for it.


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