About a month ago, we published a video where we showed off a gameplay of a game called “Fancy Darts.” This game utilizes the HONOR View20’s 3D TOF camera and allows you to play the game with your body.

There are actually a total of 3 games that utilizes the 3D TOF camera on the HONOR View20 – you have the Fancy Darts as shown above, Fancy Skiing, and also Gesture Archery Master. Before you start playing any of these games, it is highly recommended that your phone’s screen is casted onto a TV or another computer. The back of the HONOR View20 will need to be facing you.

HONOR View20
The 3D TOF camera is working!

The first game is obviously a dart game as the name mentioned. You have to raise your right arm to control the game. The in-game instructions are pretty good already, though. You can check out our video gameplay of the Fancy Darts game right here.

The Fancy Skiing game was demonstrated at Paris at the demo area when the HONOR View20 was launched. It is played as if you are actually skiing. You need to fling your arms as if you are skiing and sway your body left and right to move your character.

Then as for theĀ Gesture Archery Master, you shoot the rings by gesturing as if you are shooting an arrow.

HONOR View20 3D TOF game

If you have an HONOR View20 now, you should try these games. They’re free and it is something that only the HONOR View20 can do at this moment.
Click here to visit the developer by the name of Hash Studio here.

More apps which will take advantage of the HONOR View20’s 3D TOF camera is coming soon. It was said during the grand launch in Paris that the SDK is coming soon. Then, it is up to your imagination on what comes next.

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