Wow. This is some big news right here. Xiaomi and IKEA just formed a partnership whereby IKEA’s full range of smart lighting products will be connected to Xiaomi’s very own IoT platform. carried in IKEA stores under the smart lighting range of products. This partnership starts in December at China.

During the latest MIDC, Xiaomi said only the Xiaomi IoT platform alone, there are more than 132 million connected smart devices – and that’s excluding mobile phones and laptops. There are more than 20 million daily active devices in more than 200 countries and regions globally as of September 30th. Xiaomi’s new voice assistant, Xiao Ai, has cumulatively been activated on about 100 million devices, with monthly active users exceeding 34 million and cumulative wake-up times exceeding 8 billion.

IKEA Partners With Xiaomi

Starting in China in December, IKEA’s full range of smart lighting products will be connected to Xiaomi IoT platform and can be controlled via Xiaomi products, including Xiao Ai voice assistant and the Mi Home app. The lights can also be paired to other Xiaomi IoT smart devices such as sensors and electrical appliances for smart scene management. The smart lighting products will be connected to Mi Control Hub through the ZigBee protocol.

In addition to IKEA, Xiaomi also announced in-depth cooperation with Ji Hotel, CHJ Automotive and Ikongjian, an interior decoration company. These partnerships involve a full range of Xiaomi smart IoT devices that can be applied to different scenarios.

IKEA Partners With Xiaomi

Xiaomi is also opening up their doors and extending a helping hand to developers by investing RMB 100 million to build the “Xiaomi AIoT Developer Fund”, which is used to support AI developers, hardware equipment manufacturers, and AI technology companies that work for the Xiaomi IoT platform.

Xiaomi also released Mi Smart Door Lock, which adopts integrated 3D live fingerprint recognition. It also supports six unlocking means including password, NFC and Bluetooth.

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