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Out of nowhere, the boss of OnePlus, Pete Lau, posted on the OnePlus forum that OnePlus will have “deeper integration” with OPPO.

You can read Pete Lau’s original post by clicking here, or read it down below. This serves as an archive.

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OnePlus settled and now "deeper integrates" into OPPO 1

Hi friends,

Over the past eight years, the OnePlus brand has grown from an exciting newcomer into a global force to be reckoned with. In the premium category, we have been widely recognized in the industry for the quality of our products and the ability to outperform other brands with significantly larger budgets. And among tech enthusiasts like many of you, we have built a large and highly engaged community with a focus on openness and co-creation.

Now, we’re at a turning point for the future of OnePlus. As we’ve begun growing our product portfolio, we’re able to give you more choices than ever before. True to our Never Settle spirit, we want to continue giving you the highest-quality OnePlus experience possible. And to do that, we must adapt as a team and as a brand.

As many of you know, last year I took on some additional responsibilities to oversee product strategy for both OnePlus and OPPO. Since then, we have integrated a number of our teams together with OPPO to better streamline our operations and capitalize on additional shared resources. After seeing positive impact from those changes, we’ve decided to further integrate our organization with OPPO.

I’m confident that this change will be positive for our community and our users. With this deeper integration with OPPO, we will have more resources at hand to create even better products for you. It will also allow us to be more efficient, for example, bringing faster and more stable software updates for OnePlus users.

As for the OnePlus brand – we will continue to operate independently, focused on providing you with the best possible products and experience as we have always done. We will continue launching OnePlus products, holding events (hopefully in person soon) and engaging directly with you for feedback through the same OnePlus channels as before. OnePlus’ commitment to you remains the same.

As always, we wanted to let you – our community – know about this directly from us as soon as we could share the news with you. You are a vital part of the OnePlus family, so it’s important that we communicate changes like this with you directly. Thank you for supporting us over all these years. We can’t do any of this without the OnePlus community.

Never Settle

I think many of us saw this coming. Since last year, OnePlus is already going through the process of “OPPOfication”, as documented by Android Authority. Many of the products by OnePlus since Carl Pei’s departure had been subpar but with an expensive price – even for their mid-range devices.

Recently, OnePlus also said that they’re going to ditch HydrogenOS (China’s version of OxygenOS) and go all-in with OPPO’s ColorOS. Then, OnePlus also said they are going to integrate further with OPPO to “better streamline our operations and capitalize on additional shared resources”, as mentioned by Pete Lau’s post too.

Pete also highlighted once more that OnePlus will still operate independently. Though, I do want to ask – what does it mean by “operate independently” in this case? How can we know that future OnePlus devices aren’t just rebranded of OPPO smartphones? I mean, it won’t be the only smartphone brand that claims to be “independent” but ends up rebranding its “parent company’s” phones.

And another excerpt that Pete mentioned and I want to highlight – it’s about software updates. Pete mentioned that this “deeper integration with OPPO” ensures that they’ll be able to provide “faster and more stable software updates for OnePlus users.”

I think OnePlus is just going to ditch OxygenOS for global users and go for ColorOS entirely.

What comes next remains to be seen – but the future sure looks… uncertain for OnePlus fans.

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