The HONOR View20 was launched about a month ago at Paris and it started to go on sale in Malaysia on the same week. This is the world’s first smartphone to use Sony’s brand new 48MP IMX586 sensor. And, it comes with the extremely powerful Kirin 980 chipset.

Let’s get around in addressing what the Sony IMX586 sensor is all about. The View20 is HONOR’s first smartphone to be taking advantage of this magnificent sensor – and it comes with some surprisingly good performance to match. As we have have shown in our full in-depth review, it looks fantastic as a point and shoot camera.

HONOR View20

But hardware is only part of the story. The other part of the story comes from the software. HONOR’s Magic UI 2.0 takes advantage of the Sony IMX586 while combining it with their own camera technology, the View20 can take great long exposure night shots too.

During our trip to Paris, we used only the HONOR View20 to take pictures. We used 3 modes in particular – auto, night, and also the newly-introduced 48MP AI Ultra Clarity modes.

HONOR View20

First off, night shots. Did you know having 48MP doesn’t have to mean you need to take pictures at 48MP only? Why not downscale back to 12MP by having “4-in-1” pixels for sharper, brighter image? Because that is exactly what night mode does – and the pictures look absolutely stunning even when handheld. Just 12MP is plentiful for social media posts.

HONOR View20 Paris pictures
Eiffel Tower. Taken with night mode, but it was a foggy night 😞

To take a 48MP picture is simple, but to process it within a split second is not easy. To superimpose multiple 48MP pictures to create one, beautiful image is not easy either. This is where the Kirin 980 chipset saves the day. Once the image is sampled over the course of a few seconds, processing is done and can be viewed instantly.

HONOR View20 Paris pictures

For me, since Château de Versailles is such a beautiful place – both inside and out – I spent my time taking pictures with the 48MP AI Ultra Clarity mode. Just take a look at these pictures down below.

HONOR View20 Paris pictures

For me, a highly detail picture that shows off all the little details makes it as though I can feel the textures by just looking at the image. This is the teapot, aptly named La verseuse en argent réhaussé d’or, is encased in glass – but looking at this image already gave me a clear idea on what it feels like.

HONOR View20 Paris pictures
Very scale-y

While many of us oftentimes take pictures with subjects improperly placed in the frame, the 48MP AI Ultra Clarity captures so much detail in such a high resolution that it allows a generous amount of cropping. Take a look at this picture where I just crop out the other people in the queue.

HONOR View20 Paris pictures
Let me just crop those tourists out because I am not waiting half an hour in this queue…

There’s this fountain-looking thing which looks rather bizarre as it seems like this guy is holding grapes.

HONOR View20 Paris pictures
I did not realize this until I zoomed in.

Next up is… Let me check where this is. Hôtel de Ville! The 48MP AI Ultra Clarity mode captured this image beautifully – and allowed me to read the texts clearly on the building when I zoom it.

HONOR View20 Paris pictures
It means liberty, equality, fraternity.

The Kirin 980 also offers a feature called 3D body shaping which is a real-time warping of images. This is very CPU-intensive, and it’s great to see that the Kirin 980 is able to do it flawlessly – and I took this pictures. I gave the statue long, beautiful legs without distorting any part of the picture!

HONOR View20 Paris pictures
I’m sorry, I mean no disrespect.

Of course, the Kirin 980 is also a powerful chipset when it comes to games. As mentioned in our full in-depth review of the HONOR View20, it can play all the games with the highest settings flawlessly. PUBG Mobile was especially smooth yet beautiful at the same time. That is with performance mode turned off, too.

Let’s not forget that the View20 is one of the first smartphones to be certified and able to run Fortnite for Android in 60FPS.

With its 4,000mAh battery, the HONOR View20 manages to survive a full day’s usage while we were at Paris and charges really quickly with the SuperCharge too. It took only around 18 minutes to reach 50% battery charge!

HONOR View20 battery charging curve

For those who are looking for an affordable, high-performance flagship smartphone with a unique camera – then consider the HONOR View20. I believe what we have shown here, speaks for itself.

And to answer the original question – yes, the HONOR View20 sparks joy.

Available in Sapphire Blue and Midnight Black for the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage version for RM1,999, whereas the Phantom Blue color which is co-created with Moschino has 8GB RAM + 256GB storage and priced at RM2,499. Available now at, and the official HONOR store on Lazada and Shopee.

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