A while back, we published the news on Pioneer – the car audio brand that’s technically a household brand now – is expanding their business to PC components – particularly SSDs. Pioneer is now also expanding to USB-C accessories.

Pioneer launched two new USB Type-C series of products, starting off with the new Docking Station, the Multiport Adapter, and also the external pocket-sized portable SSD. These products are already available in Lazada, though they’re shipped from overseas.

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Pioneer Docking Station

The all-new versatile Docking Station allows you to improve your efficiency with a single USB Type-C port. This Docking Station is compatible with the MacBook and Thunderbolt computers, as this single USB-C port can connect all of your devices at once. It also supports Windows dual-screen output and a bunch of other ports.

Pioneer Docking Station

As another very nice bonus, the Docking Station allows power delivery to your laptop too – which means you can charge your laptop and connect to all of the other peripherals together at the same time!

Pioneer Multiport Adapter

Secondly, the Multiport Adapter is a simpler piece accessory that has a few tricks up its sleeve. It is compatible with MacBooks and variety of other laptops with a single USB-C port.

Pioneer Multiport Adapter

It has an HDMI 1.4 output that supports 4K resolution, SD card reader, and a few more USB ports at the same time. The Multiport Adapter is housed in a blackout composite material made to be compact and portable at the same time.

Pioneer external SSD

Thirdly, the external SSD by Pioneer. The portable SSD are meant to be tucked into your pocket and be transported around. External SSDs are always known to have a few beneficial characteristics – it’s small, it’s lightweight, and most important of all, it’s speedy. Pioneer’s external portable SSD has a USB-C Gen. 2 interface – that means your SSD can run at its full speed through USB!

Pioneer also states that they will be launching more storage devices, cables, and other products soon as they are following the USB-C trend of products. Pioneer is also cataloging all of these products under their IoT branch.

Learn more about Pioneer IoT devices here.

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