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If you’re looking for more games with that Ragnarok Online theme, then here’s something for you. Introducing a new game in collaboration with both Gravity and Extreme Studio – Ragnarok Battle Academy (ROBA), to be available on Android soon.

This game is already 80% complete, as per quote from the developers. The remaining 20% is for testing and checking process so that the game is given a final completion polish with perfection. The new game will be launched in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

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Ragnarok Battle Academy ROBA

ROBA is – as the name suggests – a spin-off game from the most popular MMORPG – is an important game in the history of online games since it is literally the childhood game for many of us. For Thailand, its publishing operation is Electronic Extreme – which has established Extreme Studio in 2016 to develop their own games and apps. Now, they’re the ones who are co-developing ROBA with Gravity.

ROBA, or Ragnarok Battle Academy, is a battle royale genre that is combined with Ragnarok’s RPG elements. That means it is literally a free-for-all, last-man-standing PVP battle with other players.

Ragnarok Battle Academy ROBA
Imagine having to kill bosses in a battle royale game…

The developers created this game to simulate the Training Academy in ROBA’s world to be like the Training Ground of Ragnarok Online. Players start off in the battleground as Novice, and eventually grow stronger by good teamwork tactics, hunting monsters and bosses around the ROBA’s world to gain EXP, and get better equipment.

Remember – your weapons and skills affect your winning chances in a fight. You can gain additional advantages if you choose the right one. Players must also find ways to avoid the Red Zone and defeat other players to be the last survivor, winning the game.

ROBA comes out at a later unannounced date for both Android and iOS.

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