Realme, which started off as a smartphone brand, has announced that it has now upgraded its brand visual image and materials – streamlining itself with the young folks. Also, Realme will now have peripherals and products available – like sweaters, T-shirts, and office supplies.

Realme’s re-identification of itself is aimed to be the brand gives young people experiences that integrate “technology” and “style” – the two very important things for the youths of this generation.


Realme actually invited multiple ADC Gold Cube Awards-winner, Eddie Opara from top-class design studio Pentagram, to lead the overall Visual Identity upgrade. The chief designer, Eddie Opara, came up with the “R” logo in “Realme Yellow” which has now became the icon for the Realme visual.

The new Realme logo has an interesting aspect to it too. It merges a circle, square, and triangle form a nested uppercase “R” and lowercase “r” which stand for the original aspiration of “Realme” as providing the youth with quality products they need and “realme” – young people’s true selves – simultaneously.

Realme tshirts and hoodies

Now, fans of Realme can also wear the series of brand new peripheral products including handbags, paper cups, notebooks, folders, work badges, business cards, envelopes, sweaters and T-shirts. All of them feature the Realme’s design.

Realme office supplies

Of course, this is not the first time we saw a brand changing itself to become an apparel brand – ROG did it last year too. However, this is the first time a smartphone brand is also offering products like handbags, paper cups, sweaters, and other office supplies. Perhaps Realme backpacks, wallets, pouches, sling bags, and maybe luggage bags too.

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