This company approached me a few weeks ago and wanted me to review some of their products. Obviously I wanted to test it for myself , so I agreed since I have seen their products being sold in many places, and have heard of personal recommendations from friends too.

However when I got the parcel from the courier, the first thing I noted when I opened it was the keyboard’s name. Their website says it’s the NightHawk KAI-9, but on the keyboard it’s printed as KAI-9 Sentinel. Well, which is it? I’ll just call it KAI-9 throughout this review.

Putting that aside though, it’s get on into the review.

No, I’m not going to take pictures of huge rectangular box which just shows you a keyboard when opened.

DSC_4023 copyThe included stuff alongside with the keyboard is pretty simple. There’s an envelope with the manuals inside, a CD for the driver which you can also download it online, and some extra rubber feet for replacing the worn out ones should you need them.

Keyboards… there aren’t really much to talk about its box and accessories.

Oh yes, there’s also a 2-year limited warranty, which even had its warranty period printed at the back of the keyboard.

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