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When it comes to gaming phones, nothing much has changed since its inception. Then, Black Shark, a relatively new company in the gaming smartphone space, announced its 3rd iteration of gaming smartphones – the Black Shark 3 and the Black Shark 3 Pro.

When we reviewed the Black Shark 3, we told you to hold off your purchase first because the Pro is a much more exciting gaming smartphone – because of its popup triggers.

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So, after spending a long time with the new Black Shark 3 Pro, here are all the things that we have to share about it.

Both the Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro are very similar

The entire shape of these two phones are exactly the same, but the Black Shark 3 Pro is obviously bigger. They’re both at 90Hz refresh rate, too.

They both share the same guts, actually. Both the Black Shark 3 and the Black Shark 3 Pro comes with the Snapdragon 865 chipset with 5G support and lots of RAM that is surely sufficient for whatever you’re going to do (even at 8GB).

Black Shark 3 Pro

The gaming smoothness is exactly the same, and all the games can run at 90Hz if the games allow it to do so. Even the ports and buttons locations of all the keys are the same, too.

The differences between the Pro and non-Pro

The larger Black Shark 3 Pro has a 7.1-inch screen with 1440p resolution, and still at 90Hz. The battery did get a little bump to 5,000mAh though.

Aesthetically, the back glass did change a little. I’m not sure if this is available on the base model Black Shark 3 in white, but the Black Shark 3 Pro’s white color has lines on it that can be felt by fingertips. It’s definitely much better-feeling compared.

Black Shark 3 Pro

And of course – the trigger buttons. They pop out, and you can then press them like you’re using a real, physical controller’s shoulder buttons.

The pop-up triggers are fantastic!

They feel absolutely amazing. I have hammered those buttons way too much to the point where I can’t go back to virtual trigger buttons. They might look tiny but they’re rounded and will not bite into my fingers when pressing on them.

Black Shark 3 Pro

These buttons do not have a long travel distance but they’re soft and clicky. They do feel very similar and comparable to the Xbox One’s controller’s shoulder buttons. Yeah – it’s that good.

We also played games on the Black Shark 3 Pro – and here’s a video of it.

Should you buy the Black Shark 3 Pro, though?

That’s a tough question to answer. While we did suggest you to hold off your purchase of the original Black Shark 3, the Pro variant comes in with a big price jump. It is available in two variants:

  • 8GB RAM + 256GB storage @ RM3,999
  • 12GB RAM + 256GB storage @ RM4,199

And honestly, 8GB RAM is more than enough – but that price is still too high. Let’s be straightforward here – the popup triggers are great but they’re only used in two games that I play – PUBG Mobile, and COD Mobile.

Black Shark 3 Pro
What other games are they made for, anyway?

But then again – do keep in mind that only the Black Shark 3 Pro is the only gaming smartphone that has physical triggers today.

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