When it comes to wireless audio devices these days, let’s just say that true wireless earbuds is currently the hottest trend. They’re convenient, less clunky, and offers more flexibility too. Sudio’s next-generation of true wireless earbuds, the Sudio Tolv, has landed on our hands and we took them out for a spin.

Here is what you need to know about the Sudio Tolv. We’ll also be making comparisons between the Sudio Tolv and the Sudio Nivå, since they are both very similar and come from the same company.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

Also, here is our video review of the Sudio Tolv!


Sudio Tolv

Let’s first take a look at the packaging. The Sudio Tolv comes with the iconic Sudio packaging design. It’s sleek, simple, and classy at the same time. The front of the packaging shows a few key highlights of the TOLV itself and that’s it.

Sudio Tolv

At the back of the packaging is where more highlights of the product is shown. Sudio kept it clean and excluded any specs list. That is actually brilliant since the Sudio Tolv is only purchasable online and the specs list is already listed on the product page.

Sudio Tolv

Opening up the lid reveals the Sudio Tolv itself alongside with the accessories box.

Sudio Tolv

Inside the accessories box is where we will find the user manual alongside with the micro USB cable for charging, and also the three extra eartips of varying sizes.

Sudio Tolv

And of course, the true wireless earbuds themselves are inside the cradle.


The Sudio Tolv is available in two colors – either black like what we’ve seen in our review of the Sudio Nivå here, or in white with rose gold button – which is the one we are using to review.

Sudio Tolv

The one obvious and most prominent difference here is the change in the cradle’s size. The Sudio Tolv has a much smaller cradle compared to the Nivå, while promises to deliver much longer battery life – more on that later.

Sudio Tolv

The cradle’s design is quite odd to me as its meant to be rested flat on its back, but the micro USB charging port. That means the Sudio Tolv can never rest flat and will have to dangle on a micro USB cable because of how it is designed. Also, it’ll be blocking the two two battery indicator LEDs beside the micro USB port, which indicates the cradle’s battery level on the left, and the earbuds’ battery charging status on the right.

Particularly the left LED that indicates the cradle’s battery, I think that it can be improved further by implementing more LEDs. Now, the single white/red LED uses these blinks to indicate the cradle’s battery status:

  • Solid white: 70% to 100% battery
  • Blinking white: 40% to 70% battery
  • Solid red: 10% to 40% battery
  • Blinking red: 0% to 10% battery

Sudio Tolv

Opening up the cradle reveals the wireless earbuds themselves which also has an indicator LED on each of them. These LEDs indicate a few things – the earbuds’ battery charging status (again), and the connectivity status.

Sudio Tolv

The Sudio Tolv’s earbuds themselves look and feel the same as the Nivå, which I truly love. They are lightweight and fits comfortable in the ear without causing any sort of disturbance.


The Sudio Tolv actually got quite a big improvement in terms of features when compared to its predecessor. On the box itself, you might have realized – the Sudio Tolv has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that allows each earbud to be connected individually. Yes – that means the Sudio Tolv can be used one-sided only, which is a big plus compared to its predecessor.

Sudio Tolv

Just like its predecessor, there’s also a button on each earbud. Now, there are added features on both the buttons too:

  • Pressing once on either side will play or pause music
  • Pressing twice on the left side will go previous track
  • Pressing twice on the right side will go next track

The Sudio Tolv does have a microphone built in on each side too – making it suitable for calls. Moreover, since you can wear the Tolv one-sided, it can become a wireless Bluetooth earset.

Another major improvement from its predecessor is the needlessness of pretty buttons to power it on or off. The earbuds turns on automatically and vice versa. Brilliant!

Using the Sudio Tolv

Like we said before this, the cradle of the Sudio Tolv is very similar in size and weight compared to the Sudio Nivå that we loved. The Tolv comes with a total of 4 different eartip sizes, and I am using size number 2 and it fits in comfortably.

Sudio Tolv

I find it amazing that when I walk down the stairs with lots of bumping and even when I swing my head rigorously, the earbuds are still in place.

I can take the earbuds out and fit into my ears within seconds. It takes another few seconds or so for the earbuds to connect to each other, and then to my phone. There is a pleasant announcement on each side on what is happening, and that is something that I appreciate.

Sudio Tolv
No, this is not the Terminator.

Once I finished using Sudio Tolv, I just placed it back into the cradle and it will automatically turn the earbuds off and start charging the earbuds.

Listening Test

In terms of sound quality, I connected it to my Samsung Galaxy S9. I really love how the Sudio Tolv sounds when it direct comparison with the previous Sudio Nivå.

The overall sound is just richer in overall and sounds much better. I also realized that the bass is enhanced a tad bit more, and the overall volume is louder than before.

This time around, I listened to other music like Singin’ In The Rain and it sounded magnificent. The vocals were clear was at comfortable volumes at about 60% volume. The extra headroom here is great as I can pump up the volume if I want to enjoy more thumping bass to pump up my energy.

Sudio Tolv

The Spine from Transistor’s OST also sounded fantastic as the bass sends vibrations through my spine – pun intended. Then there is also We Are Become, which sounds great with the Tolv.

Of course, with the enhanced bass, the Sudio Tolv can play pop and EDM very well too. Party Like It’s Your Birthday by Studio Killers sound great, and Adventure Time by Rogue sounds great too.

While on the subject of listening test, I also tested the Sudio Tolv with games like PUBG Mobile. Like any other wireless audio device, there is about half a second of delay, making it unsuitable for competitive gaming.

Battery Life

Sudio claims that the Sudio Tolv can last for a total of 7 hours of playtime per charge, and the cradle can charge the earbuds a total of 7 times.

Through our own tests, the Sudio Tolv can last for 7 hours of playtime. And the cradle can also charge both earbuds for another 4 full times, equating for a full 35 hour playtime.

Sudio Tolv
The LEDs are red while they are charging.

The earbuds themselves do take some time to charge, but that is alright since they are either in your ears or in the cradle anyway, always maintaining a full charge.

Wrapping up the Sudio Tolv review

The best way to wrap up this review is by saying this – the Tolv has lots of improvements over the Nivå in almost every aspect. The cradle is smaller and has a bigger battery. The earbuds themselves shape and weigh similarly, but they sound marvelous and also with longer battery life. The Tolv also sounds much louder than its predecessor.

Sudio Tolv

Sudio has outdone themselves this time around – and for the price of RM549, you will look absolutely gorgeous with the Sudio Tolv in your ears. It might be a little on the pricier side – but I have a proposition for you.

Sudio Tolv
The travel case is free when you buy the Sudio Tolv!

Head on over the Sudio’s website right now and make your purchase – and remember to enter the code NasiLemakTech2019 upon checkout to get 15% discount!

You can also receive a carry case that is actually very spacious. Here is a side comparison with the Sudio Tolv’s cradle.

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