I have with me here is Sudio’s latest earphone – the Sudio Niva. This is the first ever pair of wireless earbuds from Sudio a la the Apple AirPods and Samsung IconX. It’s quite an uncharted territory as there aren’t many wireless earbuds available in the market today. It’s still a very product subcategory in the earphones genre.

Sudio’s brave venture into wireless earbuds with the Niva signifies that the company is expanding and exploring into many other new product segments while still maintaining their signature aesthetics. We’re fortunate enough to have the Niva sent to us, and we’re bringing you the full review here.

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Sudio Niva

The Sudio Niva comes in a rather compact and cleanly designed box. It’s square and separates into two parts – the lid and also the product itself. It’s a very common packaging style for products – smartphones in particular.

Sudio Niva

Then, you’ll be presented with a pretty simple packaging – the Sudio Niva itself. Well, part of it at least. That’s only the case, surrounded by foam.

Underneath the case is where you’ll find the accessories – a micro USB cable to charge the Sudio Niva, a user manual, and a packet of extra eartips. You do have a total of 3 sizes of eartips, by the way.

Sudio Niva

In terms of contents, the Sudio Niva is a lot simpler compared to the other Sudio products that we reviewed previously. I mean, have you looked at the packaging for the Sudio Tre?

Obviously, the wireless earbuds are found in the case.


Sudio Niva

Let’s start off by talking about the case first. It has an understated design that looks classy yet it’s something that people will ask you “what is that?” when you take out. Looking from the top, there name “NIVA” is embossed on it.

From the sides, you have a few things – firstly the blue colored LEDs that signifies the case’s battery level, a micro USB port at the back, and also a leather string to hand the case to backpack or whatever you like.

Sudio Niva
Lights up red while they’re charging.

As for the wireless earbuds themselves, or the “true wireless earphones” as it should be called, is also very simple in terms of design. It has a “pod” body and an angled channel for you to insert it to your ears.

Sudio Niva

There’s also a button alongside with an indicator LED on each of the earbuds. Let’s not forget that the pogo pins for charging are found beside the left and right side indicators.

Sudio Niva

The wireless earbuds weighs 5 grams each, whereas the case + the earbuds weighs in at only 63 grams.

Sudio Niva

Again, very simple and understated design, yet classy.

If you get the white color variant of the Sudio Niva, then everything is in white too. It looks great. Thanks to The Adventures of Vesper for these pictures. Check out his review of the Sudio Niva here.

Sudio Niva White from The Adventures Of Vesper


The Sudio Niva is actually really easy to use. To enter pairing mode, you’ll have to press buttons on both the wireless earbuds until the LED blinks. Then, the right side will blink in purple, signifying that it’s already in pairing mode. Then, you can start enjoying your music. Simple.

Sudio Niva

The Sudio Niva allows you to press the button once to play or pause music, and double-pressing skips to the next track. This can be done on either the left or right earbud, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a leftie or rightie.

I found out that the Sudio Niva has another feature where it can operate in one-sided mode, but there’s a catch. Only the right side can function in one-sided mode. That’s because the right side has a microphone.

Sudio Niva

That means if you’re going to use it one-sided, it’ll become something like a wireless Bluetooth earphone where you can answer calls with it.

I do have one gripe with the Sudio Niva – the earbuds don’t automatically turn on when they are removed from the case. That means each time you want to listen to your music, you’ll have to press the buttons first. Quite a nuisance, to be honest.

Using the Sudio Niva

For some people, the Sudio Niva’s case is an issue. Since it’s rounded, there are some wasted space compared to a square box. Though, it’s worth noting that Sudio is a brand that always aims for style points. There’s a leather strap hanging out of the case itself, so you can hang it on your bag to show it off.

Sudio Niva

In case you’re wondering, the Sudio Niva’s wireless earbuds are held on magnetically to the charging case. Very strongly too, if you’re wondering. It won’t fall off even when I violently tried to do so. Good job, Sudio!

Since each wireless earbud will need to manually power on, I prefer to press and hold the buttons while the earbuds are still in the case. I find it easier than to press it after I wore them. It takes about 6 seconds for the earbuds to turn on and complete the connection process.

Sudio Niva

Wearing them is surprisingly easy too. Since I’m more of a left-handed person, I really appreciate that Sudio made the Niva’s buttons work on both sides. Pressing the button once plays or pauses music, double pressing will skip to the next track. Sudio missed out on triple pressing to go back to the previous track, though.

For those who want to use the Sudio Niva as a one-sided wireless earphone, you can leave the left wireless earbud in the case. Pressing the button once when you get a call will answer the call for you. Holding the button will transfer the call back to your smartphone.

I can wear it hours and hours at end and yet feels like there’s nothing attached to my ear. It’s comfortable and stays in my ear surprisingly well. It didn’t drop even when I was going down the staircase. Just be careful when you sneeze.

Listening Test

The overall testing experience is quite simple – the Sudio Niva is a bass-heavy pair of wireless earbuds. While the vocals, mids, and highs does sound decent here, its frequency response is skewed towards the bass. Let’s go through the specs first:

  • Type: 6.2 mm dynamic speaker
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 18 Hz – 22 kHz

I tried with my usual slew of music. First off, Marshmello’s Alone. The bass is really good here. When the bass drops, it is tight, hits hard and thumps while the background bass hums really well too. Same goes to more EDM like Delayed Friend Request by 7 Minutes Dead. The Schism by Haywyre sounds very rich and just overall a very enjoyable experience. Once again, emphasis is on the bass.

Queen’s Killer Queen sounds decent overall – but it’s quite obvious that the frequency response is skewed towards the bass as they are higher in volume. The same goes for acapella tracks like The Longest Time by Billy Joel. Surprise, surprise – I listen to these types of music too.

Battery Life

From what we can find at Sudio’s website, the Niva has 55mAh battery in each wireless earbud, and the case itself has 500mAh.

According to our test, the Sudio Niva can last for slightly more than 3 hours before dying off. Putting them in the case to charge takes quite a long time to charge the earbuds completely as well.

Sudio Niva

The case has a sticker that says its power output – but not the input. Hence, we can’t know if it takes in 5V 1A or 5V 2A. Either way, charging takes quite a long time when both the wireless earbuds and the case is running low on juice. I plugged it to my PC to charge, and that took hours to charge completely.

Wrapping up the Sudio Niva review

It’s a pair of true wireless earphones at a low price and yet has a lot of features that the Apple AirPods have. As for sound quality, it’s bass is heavy and bassheads will most definitely love it. However, the battery could definitely be improved here – especially the charging time.

Here’s the deal. The Sudio Niva is priced at RM425. It’s a true wireless earbuds that actually has mos of the features that the Apple Airpods have – and Apple is charging nearly double the price.

Better yet, Sudio is having a promotion! Go to www.sudio.com/my/ and place your order now. Then, use the discount code NasiLemakTech2018 to get 15% discount on your purchases.

That’s not all – Sudio Sweden is also having a special 2018 Hari Raya promotion now where you’ll get these items for free:

  • FREE Gift Box
  • FREE Sudio Eco-friendly Tote Bag
  • FREE Delivery to Malaysia (1-17 June only!)

While there are minor nuisances like not turning on automatically when the earbuds are taken out of the case, the Sudio Niva is surprisingly bass-heavy to the point where it can really shake your world. Vocals, mids, and highs sound great and they’re not overshadowed or overpowered.

Don’t forget to put the hashtag #sudio, #sudiosweden, and #sudiomoments when you do get a Sudio Niva 😉

But before you proceed – the Sudio Tolv has arrived. Check out our full review of Sudio’s newest true wireless earphones here!

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