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Aftermarket earphones – those which are not included with phones – have been making a smooth transition to become wireless. We’ve seen wireless headphones like the W800BT released to the market much faster due to its size. Earphones are tinier, hence making them wireless would be difficult. That’s why we’re only seeing more of them recently – and the Edifier W293BT is one of the earphones in that surge of earphones.

Let’s take a look at what the Edifier W293BT has to offer in this review. In China, the W293BT is known as Oxygen.

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Edifier W293BT

From the front, the Edifier W293BT has a very plain packaging with nothing but just the earphones themselves shown in the picture. There’s a legit Bluetooth logo with its legit certification built into the W293BT.

Edifier W293BT

Looking at the back reveals the features written in multiple languages. Also, you get to see the in-line buttons here.

Edifier W293BT

It’s no surprise that Edifier is a little insane when it comes to the packaging. We’ve seen how ridiculous it is on their Bluetooth speakers, namely the MP80 and the MP255. The Edifier W293BT is no different. The packaging here is not as over-the-top, but still complicated.

Edifier W293BT

First, you open the Edifier W293BT by sliding the sleeve vertically away from the box. Then, you open the lid and it reveals everything. You get the earphones themselves in this circular packaging, the changeable eartips, wingtips, and a box that holds the pouch and some documentation.

Edifier W293BT

The eartips and wingtips are placed in these stubs, and they do fit in snugly. The issue I have with this design choice is that I can’t find these eartips and wingtips out with me. There’s no place to carry them with the Edifier W293BT!

Edifier W293BT

There’s also another accessories box at the topside. There’s a micro USB cable and a cable clip inside the box.

Edifier W293BT

Underneath the whole pedestal is another box where all of the documentations and the nylon pouch are found. This pouch has no compartments at all.

Edifier W293BT

The Edifier W293BT itself is placed in this round little pedestal with foam surrounding it. A tad bit unnecessary, but I do appreciate the extra effort that Edifier is taking for their packaging designs.


The Edifier W293BT is actually looking pretty special as the earbuds do remind me of soda cans. It has a pretty unique design, too.

Edifier W293BT

The eartips come off the cans at a right angle, then turned at an angle. They’re pretty unique-looking and has 2 removable silicon parts – firstly the eartips, just like any other earphones. Then, there are these little wingtips. We’ve seen wingtips which are optional before, particularly on the Beyerdynamic Byron BT.

Edifier W293BT

Maybe you won’t need the supporting wingtips, as it weighs only 30 grams with the the pouch and the cable clip together. Again, this varies from user to user.

Edifier W293BT

The Edifier W293BT has an in-line control hub which also houses the micro USB charging port. The in-line controls are located biased towards the right side of the earphones, which is very common. The in-line control buttons themselves are coated with rubberized materials, which we’ll get into later.

Edifier W293BT

The cables are rubberized throughout its length and it’s really nothing to be amazed about. I do wish that Edifier opted for a more flexible cable. The overall build quality of the Edifier W293BT is… mediocre at best.

By the way, the pouch actually works. It can open up and have the Edifier W293BT placed inside and taken out with ease. Good job!


Let’s first talk about how terrible the rubber coated buttons are. The buttons do feel tactile, but they’re just horrible to press with – especially with that rubber coating across all 3 buttons. It has the most terrible buttons I have ever experienced on earphones.

Edifier W293BT

Now, let me add some salt to that wound because the controls are weird, too.

  • Hold center button to turn it on/off
    • Hold center button even longer while powered off to enter Bluetooth pairing mode
  • Press minus key to decrease volume
    • Hold the minus key to go previous track
  • Press plus key to increase volume
    • Hold plus key to go previous track

It’s worth noting that Edifier is using the legitimate Bluetooth certification for the Edifier W293BT, and it’s using a Bluetooth 4.1 radio chip.

Using the Edifier W293BT

As you can see, the eartips are connected to the cans perpendicularly. The wingtips here are really crucial as they’re the anchors that prevent the Edifier W293BT from falling off your ears. Without the wingtips, the eartips just fall off. Well, for most people.

Edifier W293BT
You might like the wingtips, you might not.

If you feel the two included wingtip sizes are uncomfortable and are getting in the way, then you can opt for the “empty” wingtip. It’s basically just a sleeve to cover up the otherwise exposed area. Also, the eartips of the Edifier W293BT is oblong in shape rather than the usual circle.

Edifier W293BT

The wingtip material is a little too tough for my liking and is locked in only one angle. Edifier could have followed the Beyerdynamic Byron BT’s wingtips instead and can be rotated to whatever angle the user wants. That way, it can ensure comfort and can be removed without the need of a filler piece like what Edifier has included for the W293BT.

Edifier W293BT

Wearing the Edifier W293BT is rather simple. Grab the side with the in-line controls and put it in my right ear, and the other side on my left ear. When I wore it for the first time, it frustrated me how stuff the cable was. It took quite a while for the cable to get loose and break free from the form that it was packaged in.

Edifier W293BT
The cable clip can shorten the cable and help deal with the stiffness

For me personally, I changed it with the smallest sized eartips with the smaller wingtip, and had to place it on the table for some time for the cable to get loose first. After that, I wore it with the cable around the back of my neck. Only then, I felt comfortable.

Listening test

First of all, I played my entire library of music in random, so this is not my usual playlist of songs. I started off with Sculpted by Haywyre. First thing I realized is that the bass presence is there. I can feel it – but when it comes the vibrating low frequencies, that’s where the Edifier W293BT falls short.

Singin’ In The Rain remix by Mint Royale sounds good with each bass note propagated into the ears clearly and crisply. A funky remix of Smooth Criminal by Haywyre sounded great with the Edifier W293BT too, as the bass is still crisp. However, drum hits sounded a little distorted. The bass in the song Emoji by Pegboard Nerds do sound great too, but not so much when the vocals kicked in.

More vocal-centric songs like September by Earth, Wind & Fire felt okay. The vocals sound great but the trumpets are muffled. Another dreamy-like vocal-centric song is Shy by Karnaboy. Here, it really shows how great the vocal range of frequency really performs in the Edifier W293BT. Dream Sweet In Sea Major by Miracle Musical sounds surprisingly enjoyable.

In conclusion, the Edifier W293BT sounds like it’s optimized for vocals and some bass. It can’t do the bass vibrato, but the the highs and mids sound are just alright.

Battery Life

The Edifier W293BT can surprisingly last for about 7 hours in my test which is good – but does take a long time to charge. I presume that the Edifier W293BT is rated at a 5V 1A input. One minor complaint is the little flap covering up the micro USB charging port being a little too finicky to deal with – but that applies to all wireless earphones that charges with a micro USB port in the market.

Edifier W293BT

Also, the Edifier W293BT is rated at IP7X. You can sweat all you want and it won’t damage the electronics.

Wrapping up the Edifier W293BT review

After testing the Edifier W293BT, I do have a few gripes. It’s not a perfect pair of earphones – I know, especially the sound quality that’s emphasizing its bass, but doesn’t pack a punch either. For the price of RM249, the Edifier W293BT. I’d say it’s good for those who want to have a budget pair of earphones meant for workout since you need some bass to motivate you for your workout but not too punchy as that’ll give you a migraine. If you’re not into those fancy wingtips, then Edifier also included a piece of filler with no wingtip. Customizability is there.

  • Pros
    • Good customizability
    • Has wingtip
    • Great battery life
    • The pouch is actually useful
  • Cons
    • Wingtips are locked in one angle only
    • Horrible in-line button controls
    • Weird in-line controls
  • Subjective
    • Sound quality is subjectively bass-heavy, but doesn’t pack a punch

Where to buy?

Over at Lazada for RM249 now!

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