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It’s been quite some time since we last take a look at a wireless headphone from Edifier. Remember the W800BT? Introducing the Edifier W830BT. It’s all grown up, and it’s looking more matured and glamorous than before. But ultimately, how does it sound?

Let’s dive into the review of the Edifier W830BT wireless headset.

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Edifier W830BT

The box of the Edifier W830BT is simpler compared to their Bluetooth speakers and wireless earphones that we looked at before. Simpler only means that Edifier is taking a different approach while still presenting the same amount of information on the packaging itself.

At the front you have an image of the headphones themselves, alongside with a few feature highlights. I find it weird that Edifier didn’t highlight the Qualcomm aptX feature at the front, but instead placed it at the side.

Edifier W830BT

At the back is where the specs and features are listed, alongside with the contents in the box. There’s also a quick rundown of the buttons on the W830BT as well.

Edifier W830BT

Of course, it supports Qualcomm aptX as well. Learn more about it here.

Opening up the box reveals foam underneath and at both the top and bottom the shell case, but not the sides.

Edifier W830BT

The documentations are found underneath the shell case. Rather simple packaging.

Edifier W830BT

Opening up the case itself reveals the Edifier W830BT itself alongside with a little wrapper inside the compartment above that is held by velcros. Here you’ll find the micro USB cable and also a 3.5mm audio jack.


The Edifier W830BT comes in both black and white colors. The one we have here at Nasi Lemak Tech is the white color – and to my surprise, its combination of beige/gold accents make it look absolutely gorgeous.

Edifier W830BT

The Edifier W830BT is made out of higher quality plastic and it feels great to the touch. The surface of the plastic has small little grains which makes light diffuse, but too tiny to feel by the fingertips.

Edifier W830BT

I do wish that Edifier added a few more chromed accents, but I think with its gold/beige color combo looks good already.

Edifier W830BT
These are very comfortable!

The earcups and headband are made out of PU leather as usual. The headband is relatively thick enough and has some nice foam inside to keep it sprung up all the time. The earcups themselves are really thick and has about 6cm in length and 4cm in width.

Edifier W830BT

The earcups themselves can be to face outwards when you rest them on the shoulders. This is also the same with the Beyerdynamic Custom STREET. Edifier took it to another level by having the W830BT to be foldable too. Yes – the Edifier W830BT can have its earcups rotated and folded – together at the same time, if you need it to be that compact.

Edifier W830BT

The entire Edifier W830BT weighs in at 264g, while the case alongside with the two included cables weighs 474g in total.


The Edifier W830BT comes with NFC on the left earcup so you can pair with your device with a single wave. Android only, though. The left earcup is also where the micro USB charging port is found – covered by a rubber flap – and also the 3.5mm audio jack. The 3.5mm audio jack is helpful if your Edifier W830BT ran out of battery but you still want to enjoy some tunes.

Plugging in the audio jack to the Edifier W830BT will automatically turn off the headphones and work exclusively in “passive” mode. No impact on the overall user experience but just want to highlight some random quirk we found out.

Edifier W830BT

On the right earcup is where the indicator LED is found, alongside with 3 little holes for microphone, and the main controls. These 3 buttons function as such:

  • Center button
    • Hold to power on
    • Hold a short while to redial last called number
    • Press to play/pause
  • + button
    • Press to increase volume
    • Hold to go next track
  • – button
    • Press to decrease volume
    • Hold to go previous track

Let’s not forget that the Edifier W830BT also comes with Qualcomm aptX. It won’t improve your song quality, but it ensures you’ll get a consistent, continuous stream of audio rather than being choppy. Qualcomm aptX is only useful for high-bitrate playbacks.
Learn more about Qualcomm aptX here.

As mentioned earlier, the Edifier W830BT does work in passive mode – where only the 3.5mm audio jack is connected. However, there’s a catch. The microphone doesn’t work with the included 3.5mm audio jack as it is a TRS audio jack. A TRRS audio jack is required for microphone to function as well.

Using the Edifier W830BT

Upon wearing it for the first time, I fell in love with its comfort. Seriously, the foam is superbly comfortable and enjoyable to wear. However, due to the nature of PU leather which is used to make the earcups, my ears can barely breathe. PU leather is known to create a fantastic seal around the ears for noise isolation, but also causes the temperature to rise as there’s virtually no air circulation.

Edifier W830BT

For those who actually wear headphones for sports instead of earphones, you can actually consider the Edifier W830BT.

The 3 buttons are very tactile and good yet easy to press – especially the center button. Too easy to press to the point where I can accidentally press it when holding the earcups.

Comfort wise, I can wear the Edifier W830BT for about 6 hours straight and it stayed on my head snugly. It feels quite weightless on my head – and the clamping force is so well-done that it feels blissful. Better yet, the is sitting so comfortably yet snugly that it can’t be shook off even when I shake my head vigorously. Excellent design by Edifier here!

Listening test

Now, let’s begin the listening test for the Edifier W830BT. Right off the bat, I tested with some random music that I found online. Starting off with Something More by Love-Sadkid, paper latte, and Firth. It sounded amazing – as if the Edifier W830BT was made to listen to this type of song. Some might find the bass punches a little too strong, but I personally find it enjoyable. This song is really vocal-centric, and it feels like she’s whispering to my ears at a restaurant with trumpets at the background.

Edifier W830BT

Listening to other songs like With The Funk by Slynk, Megan Hamilton, and The Bermudas sounded great with the punchy bass that the Edifier W830BT produces. However, Megan’s voice sounded a little muffled and mixed in with the bass.

Without a doubt, the Edifier W830BT has an emphasis on bass. Certain songs like Anthology (Daft Punk Tribute) by OVERWERK sounds great, but orchestral songs like Final Fantasy I~XIV Battle Medley just doesn’t sound as rich since the Edifier W830BT loses out in the highs.

Edifier W830BT
They are extremely comfortable!

Soundstage of the Edifier W830BT is pretty much alright. It’s there, but nothing to really boast about. It’s suitable for games too, if you’re planning to get a wireless headphones for gaming and listening to music on the go.

Speaking of gaming, I used the Edifier W830BT and played CS:GO and didn’t notice any significant audio delay. Again, good job Edifier!

Battery life

Alright – so here’s a bold claim by Edifier. On the big itself at the top right corner, it is highlighted that the Edifier W830BT has a 95 hour of playing, or 60 days (1440 hours) of standby. That’s a very bold claim!

Now, I’m not sure what’s the battery size in this thing but I wore it for about 6 hours straight, and just to test the battery life, I left it on the table while it continued to play music. After 36 hours of non-stop music playback, the Edifier W830BT is still playing music. Even my phone is running out of battery.

Edifier W830BT

According to John from My Everyday Tech, he says the W830BT can indeed achieve 95 hours of playback while listening to music at a relatively low volume – about 10~20%.

Charging it on the other hand, does take a long time. So plug it in overnight and let it charge. Have a good night sleep knowing that you’ll get to enjoy some great tunes in the morning when you wake up.

Wrapping up the Edifier W830BT review

The Edifier W830BT is a wireless headset that got fixed what the W800BT did wrong. Firstly, the build quality is better. Secondly, its comfort is just magnificent. Sound quality is subjective as usual, but bassheads and those who enjoy some beats with vocals will enjoy the W830BT for sure. Let’s not forget about the battery life too.

Edifier W830BT

And for just RM279 over at Lazada now, I think it’s a damn good deal. Not sure if the price will retain at RM279 or not since it’s stated that the original price is actually RM499. Better buy it now if you’re looking for a wireless headset.

Where to buy?

Over at Lazada!

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