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We’ve tried and tested many Bluetooth speakers over the years – but there’s one that particular brand that stood out. We only reviewed one of their products before, and they’ve gone missing – and that is Elysium’s Zeon III. After a hiatus for more than 2 years – Elysium returns with their brand new Bluetooth speaker – the Elysium Iron Mini. It has a retro look to it – but does it sound good, though?

Elysium Iron Mini

Before we begin, I think we have to address one thing. The full name of this Bluetooth speaker is Elysium Iron Mini by lofree. Who actually is Lofree – I asked myself. Upon further inspection, I found out that Elysium actually licensed Lofree’s Bluetooth speaker design – named the Poison Speaker – and sold it as the Elysium Iron Mini. Elysium did the same for their – Lofree’s Four Seasons keyboard too – licensing it and selling it as Elysium Dot by Lofree.

Enough for introduction. Let’s find out what the Elysium Iron Mini can do.


The Elysium Iron Mini has a classic look to it. It has the dials and meters that reminisces analog FM radios from the 1960’s era. Great aesthetics, I’d say.

Elysium Iron Mini

However, the build quality, as shown in the video, is quite questionable. The build quality is durable, but the irony is in its name. Donning the name Elysium Iron Mini, it doesn’t have any bit of metal on it. Not even the grill in front. It’s made entirely out of plastic.

The body itself is made out of glossy plastic too – so that’ll definitely have lots of finger smudges and scratches easily.

Elysium Iron Mini

That aside, I really like how the LED shines through this little translucent tube that protrudes at the top. That’s a nice touch, as that LED will indicate what status the speaker is at. It’s not that bright, but you can make out the color in dimmer lighting conditions.

Elysium Iron Mini


In terms of features, it’s pretty okay. As shown in the video, it can do pretty much do all the basics without any major hiccups. It supports aux, Bluetooth, and also FM radio. FM radio is pretty much the what the Elysium Iron Mini is all about, so they can’t neglect FM radio for sure.

I really like the entire design, though with an exposed diaphragm means that the Elysium Iron Mini must be unobstructed.

Elysium Iron Mini

The 4 buttons above the Elysium Iron Mini is to turn it on, play/pause or enter pairing mode for Bluetooth, then there are two more buttons for both volumes up and down.

Elysium Iron Mini

Then, there’s another dial for FM radio. You can long-press the dial to auto-seek for the next FM radio station, though it will start from the beginning of the spectrum instead.

Elysium Iron Mini
I absolutely love this part of the speaker.

That little chromed protrusion is an LED, and it will light up in green if you got any of the FM radio channel’s frequency right.

Speaking of the LED, it will light up in orange when aux mode is selected, green for FM radio, and blue for Bluetooth.

Elysium Iron Mini

Using the Elysium Iron Mini

For all I can say, the Elysium Iron Mini is actually a very capable Bluetooth speaker. In terms of sound quality, it can really do a lot. Like what we’ve shown in the video, music with heavy beats like Aika x Trifect’s Candy Carousel is far more enjoyable on the Elysium Iron Mini than the Edifier MP255 that we’ve recently reviewed here.

Elysium Iron Mini

Other types of music like American Patrol by The BBC Big Band sounds magnificent as all of the bass notes are just precise. Way too good for a Bluetooth speaker. With such heavy bass, it’s bound to lose some clarity in the highs. Vocal-heavy tracks like the anything that is sung by Ashley Barrett in Transistor’s OST is muffled. The highs just aren’t there.

It has two 10W amps inside and with such ample space that it has, the Elysium Iron Mini can produce strong bass without a hitch. But then again, higher wattage means you gotta need more juice to run it, no?

Battery life?

That’s what I thought too – and this is where Elysium and Lofree decides to stuff in a 2,000mAh battery into the Iron Mini.

With such a huge battery, the Elysium Iron Mini can last for somewhat around 4~5 hours of playing time straight. Though, somewhere around the center at the top, it will get a little warm during Bluetooth mode. I presume that’s where the Bluetooth chip is placed.

Charging will take quite a long time, by the way. The Elysium Iron Mini can take in a full 5V 2A, but with a 2,000mAh it means that it’ll take about 1.5 hours for a full charge. Not too bad, as you can still play music while charging – obviously.

Wrapping up the Elysium Iron Mini review

Here’s what I can say about the Elysium Iron Mini. It’s by Lofree, yes – we all know that. The bass it produces is magnificent – but that comes with a price as it lacks in the higher frequency response.

Elysium Iron Mini

It’s a true party-on-the-go Bluetooth speaker, I’d say. For the price of RM299 and available in black, white, red, and teal, the Elysium Iron Mini is definitely one of the Bluetooth speakers that I can personally recommend for those who want to enjoy some beats. Seriously there are only a few Bluetooth speakers that I played that can produce good heavy beats.

  • Pros
    • Very powerful bass for a Bluetooth speaker
    • Has FM radio
    • Retro look
  • Cons
    • Underwhelming high-frequency response
    • Cannot skip tracks from the speaker itself

Where to buy?

Lazada, where else?

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