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A few months ago, we got the opportunity to review the EZVIZ C6CN camera. It’s an IP camera that provides some security features, so we installed it in the office for a test. As for the Alarm Starter Kit, we thought that this is a good comparison against the Mi Smart Sensor Kit with similar functionality.

So, in this “review”, we have a total of 3 different videos – one introductory video for the EZVIZ C6CN and another introductory video for the Alarm Starter Kit.

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I implore you to watch all of the two videos before watching this long-term, overarching review of both the EZVIZ C6CN + Alarm Starter Kit. We have segmented the video into 3 parts:

  • Review of EZVIZ C6CN camera
  • Review of Alarm Starter Kit
  • Overarching review when combining both camera and Alarm Starter Kit together.

Overall, I’m pretty okay with the cameras. They work great overall but my issue is the inability to share the alarm controls with other people. Imagine this – if I’m traveling or staying at my friend’s place (if that’s going to happen any time soon), then there is no one at home that can control the camera’s alarm.

Long-term Review - EZVIZ C6CN cameras + Alarm Starter Kit 1

What I did eventually is to share my entire account with someone. We both are using the same account now, and that’s just… not recommended, honestly. This can easily be fixed through software and that’s actually an easy fix.

Then, the Alarm Sensor Kit. Within this kit, there are a total of 4 different components. I was looking forward to that “Wireless Open-Close Detector” but it is the one that I am most disappointed with. The detector is prone to have false detections which everyone in the office is totally annoyed with. There is no method to set the sensitivity of the sensor – which is yet another easy software fix.

EZVIZ Alarm Starter Kit

The “Wireless Pet Immune PIR Detector” is essentially a proximity sensor but the easiest way to describe this sensor is unreliable because of its inconsistency. Sometimes it detects fast, sometimes delayed, sometimes it doesn’t detect at all.

All in all, I think the hardware that EZVIZ has is really solid – though the software does need a lot of fixing. It seems like there are a lot of oversights in terms of its functionality, but they all can be improved via software updates.

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