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Last year, HONOR announced its first-ever laptop in the Malaysian market. That was the HONOR MagicBook. That laptop was incredible. It came with a slew of specs with an unbelievably low price of RM2,299. The reason why we’re talking about that laptop today is that the new HONOR MagicBook X 15 is also starting at the price of RM2,299.

So, what’s new with the HONOR MagicBook X 15? And do I recommend it? Let’s talk about this laptop in today’s review.

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When we first unboxed the HONOR MagicBook X 15, we are greeted with a minimalist-looking laptop. Its gunmetal grey color is looking beautiful, just like the HONOR MagicBook from last year. It’s also relatively thin and lightweight – which is appreciated.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

Opening up the lid reveals a 15.6-inch IPS LCD screen running at 1080p. It’s pretty standard for a laptop screen, honestly. The screen itself looks fine.

I wanted to take out the colorimeter to test its colors accuracy but then decided not to do it because this laptop isn’t powerful enough to be used for production work. While I did notice that the screen looks a little washed out sometimes, it’s very minor.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

However, there are a few changes that I need to highlight. The screen bezels are thinner on all sides but the webcam is now on the keyboard instead. I don’t like this webcam placement at all. It’s the worst place for a webcam and I have no idea why HONOR decided to use this webcam placement. The only thing that you can see is my nostrils.

HONOR MagicBook X 15
Yeah… not a fan of this webcam placement at all.

The hinge also changed as it cannot go down to 180° anymore. It was possible in the original HONOR MagicBook. It’s not really a big deal but definitely worth highlighting as I think many people will appreciate that 180° hinge.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

As for the keyboard – I think HONOR changed the keycaps from smooth to a slightly rough surface? Either way, I am loving this keycap a lot. The typing feels is decent enough though the travel distance is relatively short.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

The trackpad is also decent and I generally don’t have any complaints about it. It tracks well and all the gestures work as expected since it uses Windows Precision Touchpad drivers too.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

One big difference when compared to the original HONOR MagicBook is the speaker placement. They’re now bottom-firing and there are no top-firing speakers. It sounds decent if I am using the laptop on the table – but it doesn’t sound good if I place am using the laptop on my lap.

What’s identical to the HONOR MagicBook from last year though, are the ports. For this laptop, on the left, we have:

HONOR MagicBook X 15

Once again, I am complaining that there should be two USB-C ports so I can plug in the charger on either side of the laptop. That’ll make cable management much easier.
But, I still think that the selection of ports is adequate for day-to-day use.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

Okay, so the specs. Before we talk about the specs, I gotta highlight again that we worded this video in a specific way. We said that the new HONOR MagicBook X 15 is starting at the price of RM2,299. At the earliest part of this video, we said “starting at” because the HONOR MagicBook X 15 comes in two different variants:

  • RM2,299 – Intel Core i3-10110U; 8GB RAM; 256GB of NVMe SSD
  • RM2,899 – Intel Core i5-10210U; 8GB RAM; 512GB of NVMe SSD

HONOR MagicBook X 15

The reason why we don’t talk much about performance for this laptop is that either the Intel Core i3 or Core i5 – they won’t make much of a difference if you’re using it to go on Facebook, attend some video calls, watch some Netflix, do some office work, checking emails, all of that stuff.

The Intel Core i5 only shines when more computational power is required – like when large Excel sheet calculations are involved.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

With all of that said, both variants of the laptop are very low in price. Though, I don’ think the huge price gap between the two variants is justified. And since this laptop is using 10th Gen Comet Lake processors (not Ice Lake) instead of 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors, it really doesn’t make a difference since we can’t run games on the 10th Gen Intel Core processors.

HONOR MagicBook X 15

And as a quick mention – the HONOR MagicBook X 15 comes with a 42Wh battery and it lasts about 4-5 hours with our usual heavy Chrome web browsing, Spotify, and YouTube mix of workload. It’s decent, but this battery has shrunken down. The original MagicBook from last year had a 56.3Wh battery.

Okay, so throughout our review of this HONOR MagicBook X 15, I think it’s safe to say that HONOR cut a lot of cost in making this laptop. I’m okay with most of the cost-cutting but the laptop has a large empty unused area.

HONOR MagicBook X 15
A large chunk of unused space.

That slot fits in a 2.5-inch hard disk perfectly but for some reason, was not utilized at all. There’s no mounting hardware or any pins on the motherboard to utilize this extra space. HONOR could have used a larger battery to fill in the gap, but they didn’t.

Should you buy the HONOR MagicBook X 15?

But with all of those said – we’re back to answer the original question of this video – do I recommend this laptop? I’ll still say, yes.

While it’s not that good of a deal compared to last year’s HONOR MagicBook, it’s still the best budget laptop that you can buy right now. There are just no other brands offering similar specs at this price point.

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