Battery & Charger

It comes with a 3,650mAh battery and by today’s standard, I still consider it as somewhat adequate compared to other smartphones with these specs. Obviously it will be quite difficult to get through the day with a single charge, since the Kirin 980 is not particularly power efficient compared to its competition.

Huawei P30 battery life test

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

It lasts for nearly 12 hours in our battery life test. Just make sure to be a little conservative on how you are using the phone if you want to last through the day without using a power bank.


Huawei P30

Instead of the super fast charger that comes with the Mate 20 Pro, we instead get a 5V 4.5A charger that sums up to just 22.5W. Sure, it is faster than Qualcomm’s QuickCharge standards but is nowhere near what OPPO can do with their SuperVOOC.

Huawei P30 battery charging curve

Charging up the P30 with its original SuperCharge charger, it takes about 18 minutes to reach 50% charge, and total of 33 minutes to reach 75% charge.

When charging with the ubiquitous 5V 2A charger, it takes a total of 34 minutes to reach 50% and a total of 58 minutes to reach 75% charge. Ouch.

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