Last week, we reviewed and explained everything there is to know about the j5create JVA02. We mentioned that there is another beefier version, the j5create JVA04. This is the capture card for those who are sensitive to even the smallest of delays – especially in competitive games.

The main highlight of the j5create JVA04 capture card is the presence of an HDMI passthrough port with 4K 60fps or at 1080p 60fps, and is able to capture at 1080p 60fps through USB 3.0. Keep in mind that there is no 1440p support.

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Here we will show you what you get in the box, how to set it up, and also talk about the performance of the j5create JVA04 capture card.

By looking at the j5create JVA04 capture card, one can see that the entire card itself is – once again – beefier than the JVA02. It comes with a status LED while retaining the audio jacks but removed the audio mixer slider. For me, I quite like this design choice since I find the audio mixer slider to be rather unnecessary.

j5create JVA04 capture card
All the necessary things you get in the box itself.

Then comes the status indicator LED. The chipset within the j5create JVA04 capture card is capable of capturing and outputting a total of 3 types of signals, as the LED indicates:

  • Blue LED: uncompressed video stream
  • Purple LED: MJPEG video stream
  • Orange LED: USB 2.0 mode

The best video stream that you can get is while the capture card is in blue color. The uncompressed video stream gives the best video quality. In MJPEG mode, the image quality suffers a little, as shown in the comparison down below. If the LED is in orange, that means it is in USB 2.0 mode and honestly, just avoid this mode entirely.

j5create JVA04 capture card
Uncompressed vs MJPEG
j5create JVA04 capture card
Uncompressed vs MJPEG

Setting up the j5create JVA04 capture card is rather simple as well. Just plug in the source HDMI (console, another PC, etc) into the “HDMI input” port and your TV/monitor into the “HDMI loop” port, then plug in your PC into the USB-C port. If you need audio monitoring and direct microphone to the game itself, then you can plug it into the j5create JVA04 capture card as well.

j5create JVA04 capture card

Once that is done, just configure your capture card in Windows and everything will be set and done. You can start playing your games while capturing the video and audio from the game with minimal delay.

While “low latency” does not mean “no latency”, the j5create JVA04 capture card manages to introduce only a tiny little delay of 25ms. That is a huge step up compared to the JVA02!

The video stream looks gorgeous as ever too, since there is no noticeable change in visual quality. Just remember that we are using the j5create JVA04 capture card in “uncompressed” mode as the LED was in blue color.

j5create JVA04 capture card

In conclusion, the j5create JVA04 capture card is obviously a beefier version of the JVA02 capture card that we featured last week as it has a HDMI passthrough with very tiny delay introduced. That said, the price of the j5create JVA04 capture card is at RM789. It’s expensive, yes – but getting the JVA04 at this point is pretty much futureproofing. Plus, the minimal delay makes games much more immersive.

j5create JVA04 capture card
Definitely recommended.

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