So, Kingston sent us two products from their latest lineup of SD cards which was announced a while ago. We have the 512GB Kingston Canvas Go! Plus SD card (which is the largest capacity offered) and also the MobileLite Plus SD card reader.

When it comes to SD cards, reviews are… pretty simple. We can just take the card, slot it into the PC and run Crystal Disk Mark benchmark, then show you the results and that’s it. Because there’s really nothing much to it – but the benchmark scores are very unrelatable at times.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14
Kingston Canvas Go! Plus CrystalDiskMark
Review done, right?

So we thought of doing something completely different – we recorded two videos on that Kingston Canvas Go! Plus SD card and then plug it into the MobileLite Plus card reader and edit it directly off of it.

Overall editing experience

I just have to say – it’s better than expected. I mean – think of it this way, we’re editing an entire video on the SD card itself through the MobileLite Plus card reader. It works, and it works unexpectedly well – to the point where it felt like I’m editing off an SSD.

Yeah, it might sound like a big gap between an SSD and an SD card – but I’m surprised that the Kingston Canvas Go! Plus SD card is good enough for Premiere Pro work. Our 1080p 60fps footages off of the Sony A7s can be edited smoothly directly on the SD card itself.

Kingston Canvas Go! Plus

There are occasional frame rate drops but seriously – I can’t tell if it’s an issue with Premiere Pro or a tiny little hiccup through our setup.

Either way, it works way better than what I expected initially.

Kingston Canvas Go! Plus

For the price of RM659 (~USD179.99), it’s an SD card that can save about 40 hours of footage in total with our Sony A7s. Of course, 512GB is overkill for many people – which is why the Kingston Canvas Go! SD cards start from 64GB in capacity.

It’s also available in microSD versions too, so we can plug it into phones and Go Pros and whatnot.

That MobileLite Plus SD card reader

Kingston Canvas Go! Plus

This SD card reader… is something that I don’t particularly like. It’s too big for its size and it only supports full-sized SD card. And because of its size, it will most likely block your other ports when plugged onto a desktop or laptop.

Kingston Canvas Go! Plus
Goodbye, ports.

However, this thick MobileLite Plus SD card reader does provide a lot of protection to the SD card itself while plugged in. I think that’s a redeeming point for this card reader.

Kingston Canvas Go! Plus

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