A while back, I reviewed the MasterMouse S RGB right here. That’s actually quite a decent mouse for its price, but there were some tradeoffs for that mouse. Then comes this variant of that mouse but without RGB and other sass, and called it the MasterMouse Lite S.

This review will be constantly referred back to the MasterMouse S RGB review, which you can click here to check it out.

Truthfully speaking, both the MasterMouse S RGB and the MasterMouse Lite S has nothing in common other than the unboxing experience, mouse shape and mouse form factor. So let’s begin the review with what we all can see first.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED


Since the unboxing experience is similar, I’ll quickly skim through instead of wasting anymore of your precious time by repeating the same thing.

MasterMouse Lite S

By the way, there’s no flap this time to take a peek at the mouse itself. So that’s one difference.

MasterMouse Lite S

Opening up the box shows a plastic shell covering the MasterMouse Lite S itself and with its cable dangling at the underside. That’s also where the user manual is found.

MasterMouse Lite S

Contents are at its minimum, but sufficient.

MasterMouse Lite S


Let’s talk about the design now then. By its shape and geometry, it’s exactly the same as the MasterMouse S RGB. But that’s about it – everything else is different. Don’t let the similarity in looks deceive you, as the buttons, look, and feel are pretty different.

MasterMouse Lite S

By different, I mean like, really different. The scroll wheel still has that textured tyre-looking grippy rubber on it, but the entire mouse itself is made out of a different finishing. It’s listed that the MasterMouse Lite S has a “matte UV coating”, but it’s nothing alike the MasterMouse S RGB.

Here’s my proof.

MasterMouse Lite S

See this shot? I took a picture similar to this for the RGB version, and you can actually see the grains on that mouse. This one? Nope. No grains at all. It’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Which reminds me – this finish feels very similar CoolerMaster’s series of MasterKeys keyboards. Hmmm… ?

The USB cable took a hit in cost-cutting too, as it now uses a basic black rubbery cable instead of cloth-braided or patterned rubbery cable.

MasterMouse Lite S

Using the MasterMouse Lite S

So how does it feel to use the MasterMouse Lite S? Well… very different from the MasterMouse S RGB version, actually.

Firstly, the smoothness of the mouse. That rough texture is no more, and Cooler Master opted for something that is smooth like their MasterKeys series of keyboards that we’ve reviewed here. That’s where the major user experience change.

For me personally, the MasterMouse Lite S’s material makes it very smooth. Compared to the MasterMouse S RGB variant, this smoothness doesn’t provide much grip at all. Especially since the sides – where I did complain the lack of grippy rubber pads – has turned into this smooth plastic finish too.

That means even less grip.

MasterMouse Lite S

Now, the MasterMouse Lite S does have better feeling side buttons with the back and forward buttons actually feel tactile, albeit a little high-pitched and loud.

As for the two clicked buttons – left mouse button and right mouse button (or LMB and RMB) – they feel terrible. I’m sorry to say this, but these two clicker buttons use a completely different switch than the MasterMouse S RGB.

MasterMouse Lite S

Both LMB and RMB don’t feel responsive at all. They’re tactile – sure, but only in terms of audio. I can’t the clicks, and each time I only listen to the audio cue to know if it’s clicked or not. Also, the actuation force is actually quite high. I have to press the clicker down with quite a lot of force before it actuates and makes the click noise, yet there wasn’t much rebound force when clicked.

In other words, it felt really mushy but loud.

Not a good feeling, in my opinion.

Software… or lack thereof

There is none. Not even a software update. What you buy is what you will get – nothing more.

I mean, it’s not a bad thing – there’s only one other thing that I want to change on this mouse anyway, which is the DPI cycle button.

To which I have to say, it’s weird that Cooler Master implemented such a system too. The scroll wheel’s LED lights up in 3 levels – off, medium brightness, and maximum brightness. This birghtness, however, is controlled by the MasterMouse Lite S’s DPI level. And yes – there are 3 fixed levels of DPI on this mouse, and there is no software to tell the scroll wheel’s LED to light up explicitly.

MasterMouse Lite S

Quite a nuisance to recalibrate the mouse speed if I want the mouse to light up with different brightness.

Oh – by the way, the based LED light zone doesn’t have any button to control it. So it’s stuck with only one brightness.

Wrapping up the MasterMouse Lite S review

It’s clear to me that the MasterMouse Lite S is meant to be a budget mouse, and there’s no denial in that. Cooler Master knows it, and that’s why they priced it at RM53, but that’s not an excuse for such an unsatisfying clicker feel. The little arc of LED light beaming out can’t have its brightness changed, which is quite a bummer if you ask me.

Probably not a mouse that I’ll recommend. Better to get something that values function over form, if you ask me.

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