Cooler Master’s brand new Master-something series of products are coming along really nicely. This is the MasterMouse series by Cooler Master – specifically, the MasterMouse S. It’s a smaller-sized gaming-oriented mouse, and it has an ambidextrous design. Just how good is the MasterMouse S compared others in the sea of gaming mice?

Let’s find out. But first off – special thanks to Cooler Master for this unit of the MasterMouse S for us to review! 😉

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MasterMouse S review

The MasterMouse S comes in a rather simple packaging. No fancy design or whatever – just some highlights on its features. Pretty standard design, just like the MasterKeys Pro L RGB that we’ve reviewed here.

MasterMouse S review

Actually, I’d greatly appreciate if all mouse with similar packaging design to do it like how ASUS ROG Buzzard mouse did. So far, that’s the only mouse I’ve seen that has a cutout to really test the shape of the mouse before making a purchase. Anyway, moving on.

MasterMouse S review

The mouse itself is secured by the plastic cover, and underneath it is the cable and the user manual.

MasterMouse S review

That’s it – you get the mouse its a user manual. Everything else you need can be downloaded online.

MasterMouse S review


The MasterMouse S is by far one of the simplest in terms of mouse design. It has a simple rough matte plastic finish all around its body, and has a non-detachable USB cable. Pretty standard layout for a mouse, I should say.

MasterMouse S review

Then comes the scroll wheel. It’s a translucent wheel wrapped with a strip of textured rubbery material for a very satisfying feel. Personally, I like it quite a lot.

MasterMouse S review

Then comes the little translucent strip at the base here. It’s meant for the RGB light to shine through, and I have to say that it’s really bright. Though there are some issues regarding its RGB lighting effects.

MasterMouse S review

See the Cooler Master logo on it? It’s etched on the plastic body of the MasterMouse S only – and in no way does it light up or have the slightest or faintest hint of RGB light shining through it. Not sure how you perceive this, but to me personally, I think it’s okay.

MasterMouse S review

The cable itself has some interesting texture to it. It’s not the typical cable wrapping, but it’s casted in this very rubbering material that has fine lines parallel to the cable’s entire length. These lines might have reinforced the cable’s resistance to bending, too. However, all I can say is, that this cable is extremely springy and grippy.

Using the MasterMouse S

You might have realized by now that the MasterMouse S is indeed a very simple mouse. However, I do appreciate the fact that Cooler Master did not skimp out on the hardware for the MasterMouse S.

MasterMouse S review

Firstly, the sensor itself. It uses a gaming-grade PixArt PMW3330 Optical sensor with up to 7,200 DPI, has a 512KB on-board memory (very important), and another 32-bit ARM processor inside the mouse itself. Also, it uses Omron switches!

MasterMouse S review

Secondly, by using the Cooler Master Portal software, you can manually remap the buttons on the mouse. As there’s a total of 6 buttons, and you can have a total of 9 different functions from those buttons thanks to Storm Tactix.

MasterMouse S review
Standard 6-button mouse. Left/right click, forward/backward side buttons, scroll wheel clicker, and another additional button.

Another small thing to highlight – the side buttons feel hollow when pressed. It’s tactile and clicky, and it even has two different click sounds too.  The forward button has a higher pitch compared to the back button. I’m not sure if this is intentional or only on my unit, but I sure as heck am liking this.

MasterMouse S review

Thirdly, the mouse has a pretty sweet spot in terms of size for my palm. Its ambidextrous shape is magnificent, and the grip on its matte plastic material feels great. Though it’s not as grippy as rubber or silicon, it has a certain level of grip on it. Speaking of friction grips, there are none at the side.

Geometrically, I personally have no problems with the MasterMouse S on fingertip grip for gaming and claw grip for general usage. However, my hand is just too big for palm grip on this mouse.

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Overall, the MasterMouse S is very pleasant to use. How about that software, though?


Before I proceed, I should mention that the MasterMouse S does indeed have RGB lighting.

Still using the same Cooler Master Portal like its MasterKeys counterpart, and they work together in harmony too. Take the MasterKeys Pro L RGB that we’ve reviewed here for example. I paired them together on the CM Portal software, and the RGB synced up instantly – but there is a caveat.

Certain lighting effects aren’t compatible with either of the devices, and were thus disabled. If it works independent of other peripherals, the customization on the MasterMouse S is pretty great. There are two lighting zones to control – the scroll wheel and the little strip at the base. They’re really bright, by the way.

The menu for the MasterMouse S is… overwhelming at first, to say the least. There are few main tabs up top and another sub-list below it. There are lots of granular settings that can be done via the software, but I like its default settings already.

MasterMouse S review

At the bottom is where things get a little more interesting. You can click on any of the 5 profiles to change which profile to customize but right above the profile number, it says “CLICK”. Once you clicked on it, you can actually upload an image onto the software. Not sure if anyone is going to use that, but the options is there.

Wrapping the MasterMouse S review

The MasterMouse S is a tinier gaming mouse with ambidextrous design. There are quite a lot of features on this mouse, and Storm Tactix can bring a total of 9 functions out of the 6 physical buttons. It has great hardware in it, but lacks any sort of rubber grip on the sides. However, the roughly-textured plastic body of the MasterMouse S can compensate that to a certain degree.

MasterMouse S

Its RGB lighting isn’t that flashy either. There’s only two zones – the scroll wheel, and the little strip at the base. They are, however, really bright.

Then comes the price. At RM 139, you do get a pretty neat mouse. Cooler Master opted for a no-frills, fully build-quality focused gaming mouse with solid features.

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