Not too long ago, we saw the launch of a brand new Oppo smartphone – the OPPO F1s. With those specs, it’s an interesting phone to say the least. It aims at one being the only smartphone for “selfie experts”, but they might have also captured the hearts of those who seek the best value smartphone. Let’s take a look at the OPPO F1s here.



The OPPO F1s has a pretty extensive box itself – with a printed sleeve wrapped around the box. Sliding the sleeve off is relatively simple, as there’s a fair share of spare between the sleeve and the box itself, unlike other products.


The box then opens up to even reveal everything inside, with a pretty compact packaging design overall. Everything is nicely packed, and the things packed inside this box is pretty commendable too.

Overall contents were really good, except for the fact that the earphones included is really horrible – by that I mean it’s this type of earphones.

OPPO F1s (9)

OPPO might as well just don’t include it in the box for two reasons. First, very few people are going to use such earphones. Secondly, it can save you cost, and potentially lowering  the OPPO F1s’s price even lower than it is now. Or maybe OPPO just thought that this pair of earphones just doesn’t affect the cost of the OPPO F1s. In whichever case, I think the most generic pair of in-ear monitors would be better than this.

OPPO F1s (10)

After opening all the boxes, it’s nice to actually find some hidden extra accessories that everyone needs – a screen protector (already installed) and a very thick TPU case. In my opinion, these two things are the tipping point when a dilemma on which smartphone to choose arises. Mostly the cases aren’t that easy to find, and most of them require a lengthy shipping time. Having these accessories right in the box itself feels absolutely great.

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