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Okay, so this is a very simple device, honestly. It’s OPPO’s first ever tablet and it is aimed towards an entry-level segment with both price and specs to match. There’s really not much to highlight when it comes to the OPPO Pad Air, so let’s begin.

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Okay, starting with the design of this tablet, I think it’s rather interesting? For The back of the tablet is separated into two parts – one is a matte finish, and another textured part with something that looks like caustics?

OPPO Pad Air

I can literally feel the texture with my fingertips but that also means I can’t fit in a case without leaving gaps for dust and lint to get inside.

OPPO Pad Air

Holding the tablet though, is actually very ergonomic. There is enough bezel around the screen to let me hold the tablet without accidentally touching the screen – and that is something that I appreciate.


OPPO Pad Air

The screen is also something that I think is acceptable for a tablet of this caliber. It’s using a 10.36-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 2000×1200 and while the display doesn’t look as vibrant as many other tablets, our colorimeter still reports that this tablet can cover about 90% of sRGB color gamut. It’s not the best, but actually acceptable.

OPPO Pad Air

As for the maximum brightness, it’s more or less the same as some laptops as it can only go around 330 nits maximum.

OPPO Pad Air

To have a proper video-watching experience, we also need good speakers. To have a listen at the speaker quality of the OPPO Pad Air, watch our video at the top of this review.

OPPO Pad Air


With that in mind, how does it actually perform? Well, it comes with a Snapdragon 680 chipset and from what we’ve tried on many other devices, this chipset is actually quite good. If you’re considering playing games like Genshin Impact, you still technically can. It won’t even be consistently at 30fps even on the lowest graphical settings – but I’ll still consider it to be generally playable but depending on your tolerance level.

OPPO Pad Air


As for the battery life though, this tablet does come with a 7,100mAh battery and it can last for about 12 hours in our PC Mark battery life test at 100 nits of brightness. Tablets generally consume more power due to the massive display – and especially true for IPS LCD since the backlight needs to have more LEDs to ensure equal brightness on each part of the screen.

OPPO Pad Air

Charging time

If you want to quick charge this tablet, then you can’t. This tablet comes with an 18W charger only which is very out of character for OPPO, the company that pioneered proprietary fast charging standards and had been tooting the horns of “fast charging” for years already.

OPPO Pad Air

With that said, the OPPO Pad Air took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge from 15% to 100% of battery.

OPPO Pad Air


Okay, since this is the company’s first tablet, how is the software? What did OPPO do to ColorOS to make it work better on a larger screen? Well, nothing much, really.

OPPO Pad Air

From what I can find out, the navigation button has an option to park those buttons either on the left or right side and there is a little arrow to quickly switch its position.

This wouldn’t affect you if you’re using gesture navigations, though.

And surprisingly, there is no bloatware and even the “App Market” alongside the “Hot Games” and “Hot Apps” are missing. I do wish the OPPO Reno and Find series of smartphones will remove those bloatwares in the future too.

OPPO Pad Air

Should you buy the OPPO Pad Air?

With that said, the OPPO Pad Air is starting at only RM1,099. I actually will say that the OPPO Pad Air is much better than its competitors at this price range.

Good job on this tablet.

OPPO Pad Air

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