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The Realme C2 has been a rather highly-anticipated entry-level smartphone and that is certainly not something that we see every day. Because of its predecessor’s legend, its successor needs to be fantastic out of the box. Though, it is to be reiterated again that this is indeed an entry-level smartphone.

In a recent press release sent over from Realme, it was noted that the Realme C1 is the best-selling smartphone on Lazada during its Lazada May Clearance Sales on 29-31 May. Since the Realme C1 was dubbed as the #EntryLevelKing, can the new Realme C2 live up to that hype? Let’s take dive into this review and have a look.

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The Realme C2 itself

This time around, there are a few things that we instantly realize by just looking at it – the phone now comes with this magnificent-looking diamond facet cut design. It reminded me of the old-timey ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe with the diamond cut design too.

Instead of having just cuts, Realme added lined textures on each facet. That adds more grip and also reducing sweat and grime marks after holding it for some time. The Realme C2 does not come with any protective case, by the way.

Realme C2

However, the Realme C2 does come with a pre-installed film screen protector which provides an adequate amount of protection to the screen. From here, we can also see that the Realme C2 has been “upgraded” from a humongous notch to a tiny little waterdrop. That’s a significant improvement in terms of “notch technology” actually.

Some specs

The new waterdrop notch display still has a 720p display with a 6.1-inch screen. The Realme C2 now sports a MediaTek Helio P22 chipset and 3GB of RAM with 32GB of storage. To top it all off, it comes with a 4,000mAh battery.

While I am using the latest high-end smartphone available in the market today, it is an unfair comparison to the Realme C2. What I can say for sure is that the Realme C2 is great for really basic day-to-day uses like taking quick pics, some Facebook, and WhatsApp. Maybe some Spotify as well. Though from my experience, multitasking is laggy.

Realme C2

Also, don’t bother gaming with the Realme C2. I tried PUBG and this phone only runs at lowest graphics at medium frame rate. I tried running Contra: Return as well – and it is choppy and laggy too.

Battery life

It comes with a relatively massive 4,000mAh battery. On paper, this seems like a pretty big battery but the MediaTek Helio P22 chipset is not power efficient. Take a look at our analysis on why and how a 3,000mAh battery can last longer than the 4,000mAh battery here. It is still valid until today, and yes – your chipset’s architecture plays a huge role in power efficiency, especially for mobile devices.

Realme C2 charging curve

Also, the charging time is slow. It takes nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes to charge from 15% to 100% – and that is really slow. Feels like it’s only able to intake 5V 1A instead of the usual 5V 2A.

The camera?

Pretty decent. It comes with a 13MP main camera with a 5MP depth sensor. It’s definitely not going to take the most beautiful pictures here, but it definitely blew my expectations for an entry-level smartphone.

Here’s a sample of an indoor shot taken with the Realme C2. Point and shoot.

The color is a bit washed out but the white balance is pretty good here. One thing to take note is the lack of a dedicated night mode, which is present in both the Realme 3 (review) and also the Realme 3 Pro (review).

Wrapping up the Realme C2 review

The Realme C2 is definitely a decent entry-level phone. There’s nothing particularly special going on with the Realme C2 (other than the beautiful back) and it just works. It is available in two configurations:

  • 2GB RAM + 16GB storage @ RM429
  • 3GB RAM + 32GB storage @ RM499 (we reviewed this)

Great as a secondary phone for those who need a backup or for those who just need something for Facebook and WhatsApp.

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