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Making its way into our list of smartphones to review is the latest Samsung Galaxy A50s. It was launched a little more than a month ago and this smartphone is certainly an interesting one. Being marketed as a mid-range smartphone with Samsung’s features, the new Samsung Galaxy A50s is a little on the high side in terms of price – but that is because it also comes with Samsung’s ecosystems. Partially, at least.

Let’s take a deep dive into this new Samsung Galaxy A50s and see what’s new and what’s great. Here’s our video version of this review too.

Acer Nitro 5

We’re skipping the unboxing part of this review because we were handed the device only. However, looking at the list of accessories available for the Galaxy A30s, we expect to have these accessories.

Samsung Galaxy A50s


The Galaxy A50s is actually pretty similar with the A30s. It’s really thin and has a pretty pointy side. It’s really sleek and feels great on the hands with its thinness.

Looking at the back of the phone, it also has the same type of tiled diamond facade cuts. Each “tile” looks different, and this is certainly a unique look. The Galaxy A50s is also available in different colors – and I particularly liked the Prism Crush Green color which reminded me of the Prism Green color on the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy A30s Galaxy A50s launch

Connectivity & Ports

There are absolutely no surprises here. To briefly go through, the Galaxy A50s has 5GHz WiFi to connect to AC-WiFi (important for those Unifi Turbo users), comes with NFC, and also has Samsung Pay compatibility. Yes, Samsung heard our cries and has finally included Samsung Pay into the Galaxy A50s.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

As for the card slots, the Galaxy A50s has a total of triple dedicated slots – two nano SIM card slots and a single microSD card slot – all independent from each other.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

Samsung has also placed all of the buttons on the right side of the phone, which is in stark contrast with the flagship Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones. Perhaps Samsung will realign the phone designs in the future generation.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

At the bottom of the Galaxy A50s is where the audio jack, USB-C, microphone, and speaker are found.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

At the top is where the secondary microphone is found. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

The fingerprint scanner is found under the display, and it is using an optical sensor. I’m not a fan of under-display fingerprint scanners in general, though.


The Galaxy A50s comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with 1080p resolution and an Infinity-V notch. It does have a bigger chin compared to its forehead.

The colors and saturation of the Galaxy A50s is as usual from Samsung. It’s bright and vivid and the blacks are deep – like any AMOLED display should be. Samsung is really keeping the best technology and calibration for its own smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

While some people might complain about its asymmetrical bezels but I honestly think it’s okay to have a thicker chin. That allows me to actually reach the bottom corners easily because of the offset in height.

Samsung Galaxy A50s


Alright, let’s look at the cameras here. The Samsung Galaxy A50s comes with these cameras:

  • Triple rear-facing cameras
    • Depth sensor: 5MP
    • Main: 48MP f/2.0
    • Ultrawide angle camera: 8MP
  • 32MP f/2.0 selfie camera

Samsung Galaxy A50s

So out of the list of commonly-found cameras, the Galaxy A50s is missing a telephoto camera. But how are the cameras on the Galaxy A50s?

As usual, you can click here to visit our Shutterfly album to check out all of the pictures without any compression.

I flew over to Bangkok for an event last week and I managed to take a few shots with the Galaxy A50s.

Review - Samsung Galaxy A50s 1

Review - Samsung Galaxy A50s 2

Review - Samsung Galaxy A50s 3

The main camera overall is actually pretty alright overall. There is no oversaturation or aggressive HDR – but certain scenes are little underexposed for my liking.

Review - Samsung Galaxy A50s 4

Review - Samsung Galaxy A50s 5

Review - Samsung Galaxy A50s 6

Then comes the ultrawide angle camera. It has a very heavy blue tint over all the pictures that I shot. This is the first time I have experienced such color inconsistency is happening to a Samsung smartphone.

Both saturation and contrast seem to have been cranked up high too, making the pictures very punchy. It definitely gives some drama to the picture, though.

By the way, Samsung, please calm down on the size of the watermark.

Software – Android 9.0 Pie with Samsung One UI v1.5

Despite using the same One UI software base, Samsung has a line segregating the flagships and its mid-rangers. The Galaxy A50s looks and feels the same, but some features have been changed.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Edge Panel

For example, the Galaxy A50s actually has what seems to be a “lite” version of the Edge Panel here. The Edge Panel is one of my favorite features from the company’s flagship smartphones, but only part of the features are found on the Galaxy A50s. There is no Smart Select to highlight certain parts of the screen and save as a screenshot.

However, the Galaxy A50s comes with “Link to Windows”, which is a feature that was first available to the Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones. It’s not a feature that I’ll personally use, but it’s there.

Performance & Gaming

Let’s first talk about the specs. The Galaxy A50s comes with:

  • 6.4-inch 1080p Super AMOLED with Infinity-U notch
  • Exynos 9611
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB of internal storage (expandable with microSD card)
  • 4,000mAh battery with 15W fast charging

The performance of the Exynos 9611 chipset here is pretty much similar to the Snapdragon 660 found on the Redmi Note 7. The Exynos 9611 has a slightly better CPU but a poorer GPU overall, as shown in the charts below.

Samsung Galaxy A50s 3DMark benchmark Samsung Galaxy A50s VRMark benchmark Samsung Galaxy A50s Geekbench 4 benchmark Samsung Galaxy A50s Antutu benchmark


Then comes the gaming experience on this phone. As the benchmarks already showed that the Exynos 9611’s GPU is slightly below the Snapdragon 660.

And that’s exactly the experience we got from the Galaxy A50s too. We tested Honkai Impact 3 and for some reason, it stutters a lot on the Galaxy A50s. Asphalt 9 is rather weird. It can go to the highest graphical setting but stutters, the same goes to PUBG Mobile too. PUBG Mobile actually runs the best while it is at the lowest graphical settings with ultra frame rate.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

COD Mobile runs perfectly fine at its highest graphical settings, though. Surprising.

Battery & Charger

The Galaxy A50s comes with a rather relatively large 4,000mAh battery – which should be the new standard when it comes to battery capacity in a smartphone. The Galaxy A50s manages to last about 13 hours in our test, which translates to a full day’s worth of use. It can last you through the day if you don’t play too many games on it.

Samsung Galaxy A50s battery life benchmark


Now, the Samsung Galaxy A50s is also compatible with Samsung’s 15W fast charging standards. Since we have that charger lying around our charging station, we can test it out too.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

Curiously, the 15W fast charger isn’t that much faster than the standard 10W charger that we always use. It is definitely faster and has a noticeable margin, but not by much.

Samsung Galaxy A50s battery charging benchmark

Battery level

Time taken (minutes)

Bundled 5V 2A charger (10W) Aftermarket 5V 2A charger (10W)
50% 36 40
75% 64 71

Wrapping up the Samsung Galaxy A50s review

Being positioned as a mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy A50s is actually a very typical smartphone. In terms of its hardware and performance that it offers, there is nothing particularly outstanding about the Samsung Galaxy A50s.

However, the software on the Galaxy A50s is where it shines. The user experience is great as it now comes with Samsung Pay and also has Edge Panel, despite being a “lite” version.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

Overall, for RM1,299, the Galaxy A50s has a higher price tag compared to other mid-range smartphones in the market, but it offers a better software experience and ecosystem compared to other brands.

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