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After spending the last week and a half with the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic, I am now ready to share my experience with you. But we do have some disclaimer – I have paired the Galaxy Watch4 Classic with my Galaxy S21 Ultra. The reason I highlighted this is because apparently, there are some features on the Galaxy Watch4 Classic that are incompatible with other phones.

Since we’re using the Galaxy Watch4 Classic with a Samsung phone, we do not have that limitation. So, let’s begin with the review.

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A little bit of introduction here – the Galaxy Watch4 series comes in a total of 4 variants. The Galaxy Watch4 is essentially the new Galaxy Watch Active series of smartwatches in terms of design, whereby the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is the new name for the company’s smartwatch series with a rotating bezel.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Each of these smartwatches has two sizes to choose from – totaling up to 4 different variants. The one we have with us is the largest 46mm version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

In terms of design, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is now sleeker than its predecessor and it looks a lot more modern but with the classical look blended together. The result – we have a much thinner rotating bezel and a sleeker design overall.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The two buttons on the right side have also changed in shape – they’re now oblong instead of circular. Also, there’s now a red ring around the Home key.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

But, the one thing that piqued my interest the most is the included watch straps. This watch strap is unlike any other watch strap that I’ve seen or tried before. I realized that the watch strap is designed with such tight tolerances that the strap is literally tugging against the watch itself.

That was already weird to me – and when I wore it on my wrist, it’s even weirder because the strap left huge gaps on both sides.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Aha! When I adjusted the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, I realized that this strap design essentially converts the watch into a spring-like structure. By tugging the strap against the watch, it pushes down the watch onto the wrist. And there’s no excessive over-tightening of the watch to get a good contact too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic
This design is genius!

I suddenly sound like Minute Physics there – hope I didn’t bore you.

Anyway, the strap that we got here is the Ridge Sports Band. It’s surprisingly comfortable and combined with that spring-like structure, my wrist gets enough air to breathe and I can easily adjust the watch by just pressing on both sides.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

But for some reason, if you don’t like the included watch strap, you can swap it out. All watches in the Galaxy Watch4 series are using 20mm straps and you can remove them by just pulling a pin.

How is it like to use the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, though? Well, Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch4 series are all using Wear OS with Samsung’s One UI Watch on top. Although Samsung and Google made a deal to essentially “combine” the two different smartwatch operating systems, it feels pretty much the same to me.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Because Samsung skinned Wear OS with its own One UI Watch, it just looks and feels very similar to the Galaxy Watch Active that I’ve worn for years. The settings menu, tiles, notifications all appear in a similar fashion.

Even the user interface to customize the watch face is identical!

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

But if you’re someone who uses third-party watch faces from the Galaxy Store, then I have bad news for you. The new Galaxy Watch4 Classic does not sync with the Galaxy Store, but syncs up with the Google Play Store instead.

The Google Play Store does have a tiny little segment for Wear OS apps, but it’s quite barren there.

What I found interesting is that the Telegram messaging app has a dedicated Wear OS app. That app does work pretty well but needs a lot of time to sync up the stickers and whatnot.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

However, I can literally type a message or converse via voice clips directly on the watch itself. That’s very nice and I’d like to see more apps have proper Wear OS apps.

While on that subject, we should also talk about the Galaxy Wearable’s app interface. Again, it’s completely different and surprisingly, we can’t do much with this app. A few quick customizations are available here – but we can also do those customizations directly on the watch itself if I want to.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

In terms of what features the Galaxy Watch4 Classic have, we still have the workout stats tracking, steps tracking, GPS, NFC for Samsung Pay, all of that stuff – but what’s new is the BioActive Sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Once we also installed the Samsung Health app, we can use the new body composition measurement feature where can just do this and the Galaxy Watch4 Classic will measure our body composition and break it down to multiple different contributors of the user’s mass.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

I can’t verify how accurate this is, so I’m just here to inform you that the Galaxy Watch4 Classic has such features and I’m fat.

However, ECG is still a feature that is not available for all countries. Here in Malaysia, as far as I know, the ECG feature is still pending approval. I have no idea how long it’ll take, though.

Then one more feature that I think is worth highlighting is sleep tracking. The Galaxy Watch4 series can track so much data while we sleep. It has blood oxygen level monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and even snore detection!

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

I went into the Samsung Health app and enabled all the sleep trackers – including a feature that literally records your snoring sound. All you have to do is sleep with your phone placed beside you. I placed mine about half a meter away from my face.

Now, I’m gonna show you some very personal data so please don’t make it weird. If you want to hear then watch our video at the top of this review. Also please subscribe to our channel.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

And because my neighbors are extremely noisy and it’s very difficult for me to get a good night’s sleep – hence my very low sleep score. I just want some peace and quiet.

But the ultimate question is – how’s the battery life? I get lots of notifications every day, which I have synced up with the watch too – using the watch at auto-brightness and also enabled all the trackers – even the sleep tracking features – and I barely got 2 days’ worth of battery life in a single charge.

And two more things to mention – the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic still comes with Bixby and there is no method to install or change it to Google Assistant. I personally prefer Google Assistant more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Another thing that we should also mention is the new chipset that this watch is using. It’s powered by the Exynos W920 chipset and it is made specifically for smartwatches, promising smoother performance, animations, and better efficiency. So far, I can vouch for the performance and animation part. I can’t verify that efficiency part since I only have this Wear OS watch with me.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic?

Let’s take a step back – the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic that we have is the 46mm version – which starts at RM1,399. The price is just ever so slightly higher than the Galaxy Watch3 from last year, but it comes with a lot more upgrades.

But personally, I’m looking forward to get the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for myself as I do plan to retire my very old Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (first generation) that I’ve been wearing even till today.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic
Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

Yeah, that watch still works – but I think it’s time to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

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