Last week, Samsung held their Southeast Asia & Oceania (SEAO) Forum in Singapore, and they showcased the new range of QLED TV, including one that is 8K in resolution. Alongside that showcase, we were also shown the entire lineup of QLED TVs for the year.

Samsung has a total of 5 different sizes of 8K QLED TVs within the Q950R lineup that is coming soon. The sizes differ drastically, as the new addition starts from 65-inch to 75-inch, 82-inch, 85-inch, and lastly – the 98-inch one. The largest 98-inch QLED TV has 8K in resolution.

Samsung SEAO 2019 QLED TV

The new 8K QLED TVs is equipped with Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Processor (name, not a quantum processor entirely) which is an AI-powered picture processor. It utilizes machine learning and is optimized to upscale content to 8K-quality. This technology won them the Innovation Award at CES 2019.

As for the 4K resolution TVs, we have new sizes that range from 43-inches to 82-inches in size too.

We had a question regarding the ginormous TV size that Samsung is currently focusing on – and we have the perfect answer. According to the IHS Markit data, consumers are looking for TVs at least 75-inch in size as it recorded 2.1 million units of sales in 2018 alone. Clearly, consumers want bigger TVs and Samsung is providing that with their new QLED TVs.

Samsung SEAO 2019 QLED TV

With such big TV panels, Samsung has also adopted a new technology called Direct Full Array, which evenly distributes and the backlighting across the entire panel. This means even brightness throughout the TV, and better blacks as well.

All of these new QLED TVs can display HDR10+ as well, so all of your HDR10+ videos recorded on the new Galaxy S10 series is able to be displayed on the TV. Also, the Samsung 8K QLED TVs support HDMI 2.1 as well – which means it supports 8K 60FPS.

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