Samsung Malaysia released a series of videos that revolved around the title #iChanged. Within this series, it goes around and covers a series of aspects of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 of smartphones.

Samsung says they care about all aspects of a smartphone – ranging from its battery life, cameras, the integration with other company’s services to improve and elevate the user experience, and most importantly – security.

#IiChanged Samsung DeX

The #iChanged campaign was originally released for the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones, has now been reiterated for the Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones too. This series of videos go through a few predicaments that users may have, and how Samsung’s flagships will help.

The new #iChanged campaign highlights 10 important and common situations that many of us face every day. Samsung has the technology and tools to counter these issues – like Advanced Super-Steady video is the gimbal is out of battery, Samsung DeX (which we love) when the laptop battery is dead, Samsung Knox to protect your deepest darkest secrets, and many more.

#IiChanged All Day Battery

Honestly, I do want a Galaxy Note10 these days since I find myself writing equations and drawing graphs in my mind more often these days. Perhaps I can visualize and have more accuracy on the charts with the S Pen.

During the process of designing our products, Samsung consistently keeps its consumers in mind so that the best 360-experience is ensured – be it in the form of an all-day battery, S Pen, award-winning camera, expandable storage, or defensegrade security platform. Moreover, Samsung’s products are endorsed by Google as well; and this partnership is something we value greatly and would use to provide better experiences for our users moving forward. The time to switch is now, and we hope that consumers will take the leap to own the next level of innovation.

– Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Switching to a brand new Samsung smartphone is easy too. With the help of Smart Switch app, you can easily transfer all your files, photos, videos, music, contacts, and apps over to the new Samsung device. The Samsung Smart Switch is available on both iOS and Android devices too.

For more information about Samsung’s #iChanged campaign, click here. By the way, the Galaxy S10 series can be bought with 0% interest EPP installment plans!

On a side note, it seems that Samsung is also having monthly promotions too. On 9.9 we had a promotion on Lazada, and on 10.10, they had one on Shopee. Perhaps 11.11 will be bigger and comes with even more discounts? 🤔

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