We all know about the “12 days of Christmas.” An advent calendar is a special countdown in anticipation of Christmas day. So, Samsung is doing something interesting here by having one special deal every day, hence we’ll just call it an advent calendar of deals.

Now, an advent calendar is meant to be a surprise that unravels itself as the days go by. That means we’ll have to check back every day to find out what’s the new deal.


So far, Samsung’s teaser for the advent calendar of deals here has revealed what products in Samsung’s catalog are participating in. However, we do not know what’s the cherry on top of this deal to sweeten the deal.

Samsung Advent Calendar 2019

From some of our guesses here, we do hope that Samsung is doing some crazy deal to celebrate this holiday season – perhaps 50% off their products? It’s a longshot of a wish, but it might happen.

Since Samsung’s catalog covers a wide range of products, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Perhaps it’s a great time to get the Galaxy Watch Active (review) if you’re looking for a sleek smartwatch. I’ve been wearing one for months now – and hey, it’s elegant and has Samsung Pay too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

We have also reviewed the Galaxy Buds, which we think is unique in its way as you can literally throw in whatever EQ and tune it however you want it to sound. It’s a featureful pair of true wireless earbuds for everyday usage.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

And of course, the one that caught our eyes is the last day on the advent calendar. From the image that Samsung has teased us with, it looks like the Galaxy Note10+ (review) is also part of the campaign.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

As of now, we’re still unsure what sort of crazy deal Samsung will be doing for this advent calendar. Just be prepared on the products you are aiming to buy, and get ready to make the purchase when the time comes.

To check out the advent calendar yourself, click here: https://shop.samsung.com/my/estore-Christmas2019/

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