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Today is going to be a slew of Samsung announcements and one of it that slipped through the cracks is Samsung’s promise to provide 3 years of updates for its flagship devices.

This announcement was made at the end of the Unpacked live stream, which I think at that time, many people have already tuned out of it. You can click here to find out the exact source for this information.

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There’s also a little disclaimer at the bottom right corner there that gives us a little more information.

Samsung 3 generations of updates

Availability of feature and security updates may vary by device and country.

Updates supported for flagship models from Galaxy S10 (Android 9) or later.

And with that, we just confirmed that even the entire Galaxy S10 series of smartphones are eligible to be a part of the “3 generations” of updates program.

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I have to commend Samsung here since they’ve already made a commitment to have monthly updates since the launch of the Galaxy S10 series last year, and now the company wants to extend yet another year of updates.

This is an important point since many as the current trend goes, many people are buying a flagship smartphone and committed to using it for years to come. So, for Samsung to provide 3 years of updates means there’s an extra year of life (provided the phone is still in working condition) compared to last time.

We’re unsure if this new “3 generation” of updates include tablets or not – but there’s a high chance that all of them are included. It’s just good news and an all-around winner for us consumers.

And since we’re here, click the videos down below to know more about the newly-announced Galaxy Note20 series, the Galaxy Buds Live, the Galaxy Watch 3, and also the Galaxy Tab S7 series.

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