Samsung just announced the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones alongside other products. But that’s not what we want to talk about here. If you want to learn more about those, click on these links instead:

I want to share my thoughts here regarding how well the Unpacked January 2021 presentation was done. The overall story and presentation flow were great, and I think Samsung didn’t have to make that cube-shaped display to mess with our perspective since we’re viewing on a 2D plane anyway – but they did it anyway.

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Galaxy Unpacked January 2021

What I’m most impressed by is the fact that when Samsung wanted to make a point about how great their cameras or performance or whatever have improved, they compared it against their own product. They compared the S21 series solely with the S20 series of smartphones and Samsung never once mentioned or compared against its competitor’s products which made it very professional.

Galaxy Unpacked January 2021
Comparing the S21 Ultra against their own S20 Ultra.
Galaxy Unpacked January 2021
This was compared against their previous generation of chipset.

I mean, we’ve watched way too many smartphone launches at this time. Other brands tend to compare against competitors and obviously, their own brand of products will always conveniently win.

You can also watch through the entire Galaxy Unpacked January 2021 and there’s no comparison between their own products and competitor’s products at all.

In my opinion, showing comparisons between your own product against a competing product and make your own product conveniently win, shows signs of insecurity and lack of improvement from the previous generation of that particular product.

For Samsung to compare and show how much the Galaxy S21 series has improved over the S20 series on stage shows signs of confidence and improvement over the previous generation. And I salute Samsung for not mentioning its plethora of competitions in any comparisons at all.

Let’s not forget that the Unpacked was already packed with information – and Samsung wasted no time to plow through all that they needed to tell us.

Bravo on the Galaxy Unpacked of January 2021.

Also, check out our unboxing & first impressions of the new Galaxy S21 Ultra. I really love the new Phantom Black color, honestly.

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