Let’s be honest here – who doesn’t like free stuff? I’m pretty sure we all do – especially when it comes to gadgets and PC parts. Lucky for us, ServerDNA II, an event that is catered for us gamers, enthusiasts, thought leaders, and influencers.

It’s indeed a networking and sharing event, as there will be talks and forums about emerging gamers trends, PC modders, eSports arena providers, and even gaming rig builders. Not only that, but regional representatives of tech giant companies will be there, and also reputable gaming teams and personalities.

Even In Win’s Winbot that caught all of our attention during Computex 2017 will be present at ServerDNA II!

As for which brand will be present at the event, there will be:

  • Intel
  • Seagate
  • In Win
  • SuperO
  • MSI
  • Gigabyte
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Zowie
  • PNY & XLR8
  • Aigo
  • Samsung
  • HIS
  • Ducky

Let’s not forget about one special segment that ServerDNA II has – the “Best In Class All Girlz Power Personalities”. We have Iceyz Lim Tze Teng, Qistina Iman, Lila Bolhair, Le Josette appearing this Thursday at the event too!

ServerDNA II Best In Class All Girlz Power Personalities

Of course, we have modders from all around Malaysia coming to this event too. Why? Because I think we all want to see what modders around Malaysia can do. There will be a “Vote The Best Modders” session going on too. We have this whole list of modders coming by to ServerDNA II:

  • YNDK
  • Mod N GO
  • Jawecom PC
  • Rextech
  • Chuck Taylor
  • Titan Tech
  • Nur Syra
  • Hamman Chronicle
  • UTPGaming
  • PyschoLunatic

We’ll all be joining in the conversation and constructively share ideas, and talk about what’s up and what’s down too. The event will be from 9am all the way till 6pm. For the full agenda of the day, click here. While you’re there, remember to register too!

By the way, there will be an auction going on too – so make sure you have enough cash to pay up if you won the auction! 😉

There will be loads of prizes from many brands that will be given out from time to time on that day itself – so make sure you register here while you still can!

The event will be held at Four Points by Sheraton at Puchong. As for the question of “how much is the parking there”, ServerDNA II has informed us here at Nasi Lemak Tech that the parking will cost only RM5 flat for the whole day. If you’re staying nearby, driving might be an option. It’s definitely easier to transport your lucky draw prizes in a car too. 😛

We’ll be there too – so come by and say hi!

[UPDATE]: So many prizes!

That’s right – ServerDNA II organizers ServerWare Über Electronics posted this image not too long ago. These are the prizes that will be given out on that day, by the way. 😉
Make sure you’re there to stand a chance to win!