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Let’s face it – Facebook is an integral part of many of our daily lives because of how many people are using it and how nearly everyone uses it. Some of us rely on Facebook to have our businesses going too.

With that said, Facebook – out of all people – has implemented a feature to actually let you see your time spent on the Facebook app. Yes, only mobile for now. This little feature is hidden inside the app itself and can be accessible through here.

Facebook timer alarm

It displays the time you spent on the Facebook app over the week and calculates an average for you too. Scrolling down this menu shows you a few more options – to change how your news feed shows new posts, to add more friends (ironically), and also to set a daily reminder on how long you have used Facebook.

I’ve set it to a reasonable time of 30 minutes. Everyday whenever I use the Facebook app for 30 minutes, a notification will appear and tell me that my time is up. Instead of locking the Facebook app out for the day entirely, the reminder can be dismissed and continue using the Facebook app. After all, it is still just a reminder.

Facebook timer alarm

This reminder is independent of phones so if you have multiple phones, you will have to manually set the timer again for both phones. Quite troublesome but at least it works.

Facebook timer alarm
My 30 minutes is up for the day.

Also within that menu is where you can mute push notifications. I have been getting lot of random notifications from groups that I have joined but never signed up for notifications at all. Through this option, I am able to disable all of the notifications, making it less stressful and annoying whenever I hear my phone chime again.

Facebook timer alarm

This can honestly assist in kicking out the Facebook addiction issue as even I found myself to be using Facebook app more than an hour a day. Also, less time on Facebook so I can have more time for people face-to-face.

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